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More FDA Confirmation of Natural Medicine Effectiveness

A back handed way of observing that the FDA spends an inordinate amount of effort to challenge something that is supposedly ineffective.  Imagine doing this for powdered carrots for example.  Not going to happen whatever claim you made.

That is the point here.  Worse we can determine a modus operandi in which marginal suppliers are allowed to even muddy the waters at the expense of quality suppliers.z

What has arisen during the past thirty years is an army of quality custom product producers.   almost the moment something is determined as important, it is grown, gathetred and neatly processed and shipped.  Look at what has happebned to CBDs, which we barely knew about last year.


More FDA Confirmation of Natural Medicine Effectiveness

By H8St8 at Pocketnet.app/H8St8

Since my 3 April article “FDA Confirms Colloidal Silver Safe and Effective Against Corona Virus”, the FDA/FTC attacks/confirmations have nearly doubled for a wide range of natural and alternative remedies. They “have sent warning letters to companies allegedly selling unapproved products that may violate federal law by making deceptive or scientifically unsupported claims about their ability to treat or cure coronavirus (COVID-19)”.

Threats are also being made against companies, “assisting and facilitating” illegal coronavirus-related telemarketing calls. The letters claim the recipients are “routing and transmitting Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) scam robocall traffic” (see the latest example). How long before web hosting, Internet service provider and Internet backbone companies receive vague threats about “routing and transmitting”? This could cause enough provider fear and over-reaction to impact nearly all alternative health companies?

FTC and FDA threats against companies providing alternative care products began with warning letters on 6 March 2020. This was announced 3-days later in a press release which received much attention in the mainstream “news”, particularly in relation to the first on the list, The Jim Bakker Show:
Archived 12 March
Since the 6 March initial letters, the list of companies has grown to 49 as of 10 April as shown on the list being updated at:
Six of the 26 companies receiving FDA/FTC letters sell colloidal silver including:
* Indicates three of the initial 7 FDA letters which had the Streisand effect of drawing attention to colloidal silver.

The press release accompanying the latest FTC letters is at:
Archived 16 April
Like Jim Bakker, Alex Jones was singled out for a lot of media coverage initiated by Associate Press, after the FDA letter to his “Free Speech Systems” on 9 April. Coverage has ramped up a LOT as the mainstream media propagandists are attempting to discredit natural medicine. Below is a sample from page 1 of a “past day” news search at DuckDuckGo.com for the words FDA, warning and letter:

Image also at 
The FDA tends to attack companies making good products and leaves the others alone to entirely ruin the reputation of that product type. So, being attacked by the FDA is actually a badge of honorThese companies may have to stop providing alternative health related information, but might still be able to continue selling. If so, visit their websites linked from each of the letters listed HERE and do your own research. Then, give the FDA/FTC some Streisand effect good and hard.

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