Saturday, April 25, 2020

Groasis has some good news for you

This is actually good news, but perhaps fpr reasons not so obvious.  A plastic construction system allows high volume mass production and stacking for packing.  The same was true for the other methods except high volume was not so nearly cheap and eazy.

These guys need to understand that we need millions of pieces deployed by millions of volunteers.

The power of this tech is that you plant a tree, add water and essentially walk away.  That eliminates an awful lot of responsibility and actual bother.  Watch the companies videos to figure it all out.

If I had billions of coin to invest long term, i would today go to spain and simply start buying waste land everywhere and work deals swith communities to drum up volunteers for halves on this land.  Soon enough you would be managing an active sustainable forest.  It does not have to be olives either.  Even pine trees will produce a good stem in seventy years.

Groasis has some good news for you 

Dear Green Musketeer,

We hope that you get through this difficult time in a healthy and safe way. To take your mind off the negative news that surrounds us, we decided to send you a short message with some positive news.

As you know, Groasis started a Digital Security Offering in December – a form of crowdfunding in which we sell ‘digitized’ shares in the company. The public sale is a success, with nearly 200 people having invested from as little as €25. Recently we reached our first investment milestone of € 1 million, and today we have already raised € 1.1 million. We expect to reach our total issue of € 3.8 million before the end of 2020. If you haven’t done so already – check our investor website here:

Over the past few years we received many requests to develop a Waterboxx® in which you can use polluted water. We’ve worked on a solution and a few weeks ago we finally filed the patent application. Tests are currently underway, and the initial results are very promising.

Our new box can be filled with polluted water, for example washing water, brackish or salt water, or water from a polluted river or well. The box filters the water and then it is dosed to the tree, fruit tree or vegetables that are growing in the center of the box.

We are testing whether the water is clean enough to be used as drinking water. Worldwide 785 million people lack basic drinking water. At least 2 billion people use drinking water contaminated with faeces. Without clean, easily accessible water, families and communities are trapped in poverty for generations. Children drop out of school and parents struggle to make a living. Polluted drinking water is estimated to cause 485,000 to 829,000 deaths from diarrhea annually. By 2025, half of the world's population will live in areas with water scarcity.

Women and children are most affected - children because they are more vulnerable to diseases stemming from dirty water - and women and girls because they often carry the burden of carrying water daily for their families (an estimated 200 million hours). The average woman in the African countryside walks 6 kilometers every day to drag 20 kilos of water. Sources here and here.

Our tests are anticipated to be completed by the end of September - and it will be a major breakthrough if the box does its job as expected. We will keep you informed of the results!


With this newsletter we also ask you for help: we need a catchy, simple to remember name, in the English language for our fantastic new product. Please send your suggestions to 

Groasis aims to replant 2 billion hectares of degraded land with its revolutionary and water-saving technology by the year 2050. From 2021, this can even be done with washing water or seawater!

With your help, we can achieve our mission and contribute with a solution for the increasing water and food shortage – whilst combatting climate change. Your support makes a difference!

Kind regards

The Groasis Team

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