Thursday, April 30, 2020

Remarkable observation of young Sasquatch

What is stunning here is that this young Sasquatch father with a couple of young appeared human even up close.  It had also obviously shed its winter hair coat as well and we have a short silver tipped coat.  The head and facial hair has also shed.  This lady was in a kayak at seven feet before she woke up to understanding that her assumptions were all wrong.

This is likely the best close up ever.  He must have been laughing..

Much more important is that he is clearly a human hybrid.  He has an attractive human face and thois is at variance with even typical Bushman features which is highly surprising.  This all argues for an Asian wildman, human hybrid.

This was  already suggested from DNA work, but this observation makes that explanation highly compelling.

We also now beg another important question.  Was Neanderthal involved in this as well?  What do we know there about their coat if any?  A dominant fur covered Neanderthal hybrid would look just like this.

The material in in the first ten minutes of this video.

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