Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Evolution and the CREATION OF TYPES

This follows from the item on Genesis as History.  It is that we can discern types in our biology.  An example of a type is CAT.  What is clear is that a TYPE can respond to the environ,ment in order to produce adaptations to local conditions.  Our own expereince with DOG breeding during just the past few centuries makes all this  abundently clear.

TYPEs running wild will happily produce multiple versions and even giants as well.  Yet a wolf running wild will converge on the best type for the boreal forest in particular.  The TYPE will occupy a particular niche and then self modify to match the neds of its niche.  All this is a built in process that is then applied over geberations to its offspring.  

What it does  not do at all is discover a DOG in a CAT so easily.  All that looks an awful lot like software creations and we can ourselves readily imagine alternatives to also explore.  The reason that i say that is that the actual components or building blocks are largely shared in all creatures and are certainly finite in number.  In fact i have zero difficulty in imagining myself sitting in front of a screen and assembling the necessary components and laying out specific variations for each as part of my programing task.  All this to produce a NEW TYPE.

This powerfully implies that medicine is the power of plus or minus for health optimization.  I have already gotten there enough to undetrstand that all therapeutics must be used to adjust partially and then tested.  No one thinks like this though.

This means that in our near future we will be able to do exactly all this.  We will want SPACE adapted humanity along with DEEP SEA adapted humanity.  We already have BIG FOOT without the big brain.  We need to fix that at least.  This then gives us a useful ally for forest management.

All this potential coding is actually promising simply because it is not trying to do something way too subtle such as creating a cell in the first instance.  As said we have one kidney program and one liver program to apply.

Human managemnt of life forms is part of our heritage.  We may even have done this many times in the past.  It could actually be a form of art work.  Add in the abikity to dredge up past examples of TYPES out of DEEP TIME which i also anticipate as possible aand we have a vigorous ART form.



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