Thursday, April 16, 2020

Strange Triangle Conducts Attacks on Taliban

Read and understand.  This is the USA Space Force showing its hand, as happened in 1990 during the first Gulf War.

Let me explain something. Not only did all the munitions explode, but all exposed individuals died as well by been literally incinerated.  This was done in broad daylight so anyone else could report back what happened.

Recall 100,000 iraqi soldiers did not make it home and we had zero reports of their deaths.  These birds toasted them all in the first hour in their forward trenches.

In this instance they came in surprisingly low and that had to be to ensure no doubt over what had happened to the 'encampment' or serrious force in place.  This craft can stand of in space and likely do as much damage.  It is a huge gravity sled pushed around by jet engines in our athmosphere which is why they are usually seen flying sub sonic.

So yes, it would definately be time to open negotiations and to quite prodding the tail of the dragon.  This also explains why we suddenly had a treaty.

Strange Triangle Conducts Attacks on Taliban

Triangle Craft Attacks Taliban


With NATO forces withdrawing from the badlands of Afghanistan, the country’s people need all the help they can get to keep extremists from once again seizing power. But it seems a new intervention has come from an unlikely source the outer space. U.S. Marines captured this incredible footage of what looks like a UFO hovering over a Taliban encampment – then blowing it to kingdom come.

Devastating: The huge plumes of smoke from the attack obscure the view of the UFO

• The cosmic coalition: Huge explosions are seen as an unidentified aircraft bombards a Taliban base in Afghanistan, in this screen grab from a video shot by U.S. Marines fighting in the war-torn country

The clip was reportedly filmed by U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan in March. Shot by a soldier standing next to a stationary armored column, it shows a bizarre triangular object hanging in the sky not far ahead.

As soldiers look on, the craft slowly moves into position, before what appear to be muzzle flashes soundlessly emanate from its underside. It may have used some type of laser to explode the Taliban n ammunition storage facility.

New Drone or TRB-3 or possibly alien.

It’s interesting to note the Taliban quickly asked for a cease fire. . Thanks to the UKDaily Mail

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