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The Health Ranger is right: Demonic possession is EVERYWHERE

Not so long ago, demonic possession was simply not a thing at all, at least for me and also i am quite sure for the majority of us.

Understnading the physical realityof the spirit body and the actual architecture of the other side, it is no longer alien at all and more than that it is inevitable.  Fortunately most of us are good at protecting ourselves but that still means a minority are made vulnerable.  Trouble is a simple minority of one in ten still means 30,000,000 or so in North America.  I still think it is much less than that and i also think most victims are ultimately able to throw it all off through the application of logic.   It does take logical thinking and careful loving introspection.

And yes, if you wish to see possession in action mention support for Trump.  Often as not all you get is an irrational tirade.  Where in hell did that come from?  I have never seen this applied to any other individual.

Putting all that aside, he has actually done an objectively commendable job in his role as president by stick handling his agenda(s) forward.  The agenda is not particularly radical at all and none of it is new at all.  So why the blinding rage?

Explaining all this furor as a real time spiritual conflict is not out of line in the least.  In fact comparing all this to an aspect of the conflict between Jezebel and Elijah actually informs regarding the apparent spiritual conflict underway.  Hidden away the extinct religion of BAAL has risen again embedded in not just the highest reaches of global governance but also within the Vatican and it has now broken somewhat into the open.

I personally now pray in my meditations for full access to the inner sun to provide the power to both heal and to remove the demonic and the additional power to empower others as well to hunt down the demonic.  This is reasonable and it changes everything for all of us.   The demonic has no place on the coming TERRA.

The Health Ranger is right: Demonic possession is EVERYWHERE – 
Watch at Brighteon.com

Friday, February 08, 2019 by: Ethan Huff



(Natural News) If you’re wondering why there seems to be a quickening as of late, with evil in society now increasing at an exponential rate, the answer lies in the spiritual realm.

During a recent episode of his Lost Arts Radio program, which is available for viewing at Brighteon.com, Richard Sacks reiterates what Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, wrote in a recent piece about rampant and widespread demonic possession in today’s world.

While it might sound a little “out there,” especially to those who weren’t raised in a belief system that acknowledged anything spiritual, demonic possession is very real – and it’s everywhere these days.

“It’s not a complete explanation of everything, of course, but it is going on,” Sacks explains about the rapid increase in demonic activity, much of which manifests as Leftist hatred for President Trump, conservatives, Christians, white people, and various other targeted entities and groups.

“I’ve had some experience witnessing it,” he says.

You can watch Sacks’ full video segment on demonic possession below:

“We’ve got millions of people that appear to be victims of this (demonic) state, and that’s an issue,” he adds.

“We have to see what we can do to help them, because it’s going to be part of leading civilization right down into darkness – and it’s part of the way there already, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.”

Like him or not, Trump’s presidency is symbolic of the spiritual battle that’s raging between good and evil

Recognizing that every human being has a soul, what we’re seeing manifest across the airwaves and online in today’s heated political climate points to the fact that millions of people have become possessed with demonic entities that become “triggered” by various things, which in turn cause them to reveal themselves in the physical realm.

One of the more recent examples of this was the Covington Catholic High School hoax perpetrated by the mainstream media. This fake news event triggered all sorts of media pundits, celebrities, and everyday Joes and Janes to literally rage with violent hatred on platforms like Twitter, calling for 15-year-old high school boys to be fed into wood chippers and murdered.

Another more general example is the Left Cult’s mindless hatred for President Trump. Policy disagreements aside, the vast majority of Trump-haters feel the way they do not for any particular or logical reason, but simply because they’ve been programmed as such – their internal demons persuading them to seethe with indignation and fury against the Commander-in-Chief.

“I agree with Mike, based on the complete insanity and loss of common sense or logic prevalent in government and in a large mass of the population – maybe half in America, or more – people are really upset, they’re really mad, they’re really hateful, but they’re not really sure what they hate,” Sacks reveals.

“They hate the current president because they’re told, you have to hate him, because he’s terrible, but they don’t know why. They don’t know anything real that he did to become hateful; they just hate him.”

The demons that live within the Left Cult have also convinced this army of intolerance to despise all white people, and especially white men, breeding a culture of racism that will ultimately lead to the strategy of “divide and conquer” coming to fruition.

“They’re being trained now to hate people with light skin, which is not brilliant because any kind of racism against any race is really ridiculous,” Sacks says.

“Racism, division, hatred, and more important than anything else, they want to spread fear. And people are running around terrified, and they’re trying to hide it under anger, hatred, condemnation of other groups and things. This probably is partly a manifestation of what Mike said with the demonic possession.”

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