Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Tilting electric three-wheeler scoots down roads or trails

This is the first three wheel design concept that feels right. This can handle a fast turn naturally.  That has been the problem with all other designs i have seen..

This makes it viable on rough but wide enough trails.  Plenty of those needing vehicle access soon enough.

Now i would like to see one rigged for farm boys and having a roll bar.

Tilting electric three-wheeler scoots down roads or trails

August 18, 2021

Electric mobility startup Leaf Energy already has a number of electric delivery solutions, ebikes and e-scooters in its line up, and has now launched another on Indiegogo in the shape of a funky looking all-terrain tilting three-wheeler called the D05.

The reverse trike e-scooter features independent suspension to the front that allows riders to lean into the corners, and a self-balancing mechanism means that riders won't have to kick out a stand when parked. If stopping on an incline, a flick of a switch locks the front wheels to prevent rollback.

The D05 rocks independent suspension to the front, and coil shocks at the back
Leaf Energy

Leaf Energy says that the D05 benefits from a customized Bosch rear-hub motor for up to 1.2 kW of peak power, 94 lb.ft (128 Nm) of torque and urban or trail scooting at up to 25 mph (40 km/h). And a 1.25 kWh removable Li-ion battery pack rocking LG or Panasonic cells is reported good for up to 45 miles (72.5 km) of per-charge range, with motor braking potentially adding a little more range by topping up the battery.

Hydraulic disc braking on each wheel is said to offer "1.5 times the braking force of a two-wheel scooter," there's adaptive LED lighting to the front and a Lummit LED rear/brake light, the backlit LCD display comes with built-in Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone running a companion app for vehicle status, GPS tracking and more, and that phone can be stowed away in a storage cubby to the front, with a USB port to keep it topped up.

Riders can safely take an alternative route to work on the D05
Leaf Energy

Leaf Energy has launched its production bid on Indiegogo, where pledges start at US$2,995, a saving of 29 percent on the expected retail price. A bunch of accessories are also up for grabs as stretch goals, including storage boxes, a rain cover, and a bike lock. If all goes to plan, shipping is estimated to start in February 2022. The video below has more.

Source: Leaf Energy

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