Friday, August 27, 2021

Pale 'Crawler' Encounter & Attack in Rural Kentucky

This is an important report.  I have speculated that the pale crawler is the female vertsion of the Giant Sloth but this mostly argues against that.  Particularly since we have seen fully furred creatures without the male upper body that are also robust.  Right now we truly lack good information.

The paleness suggests that this creature is plausibly an undergound dweller but again we do not know.  Certainly it is in terrain given to such access.

After I reread this report, it appears we are dealing with a feral human raised by a four legged nursing animal.  This at least saves us for looking for impossibliam.  That it could not handle a 90 pound trained dog tells us much.  No human could do this rither without a lot of training and those cuts are fro mnails, not claws which would have likely killed the dog.  We have enough trouble with a five pound cat..

Pale 'Crawler' Encounter & Attack in Rural Kentucky

Friday, August 20, 2021

A third party relays an account told to them by the experiencer, involving an encounter and attack by a Crawler. Very intense incident. What are your thoughts?

I came across the following account:

"The setting is an extremely rural house in eastern Kentucky, the kind of place where you would have to die 20 miles to get to civilization. A young girl around the age of 10 is playing fetch with a 90-pound German Shepherd police dog that had just been retired from the force. The girl threw the ball, and it hit a tree to her right, sending it behind her. The dog charged off behind her to get the ball. Just then, the dog's body was thrown past her and hit a tree with a loud thud knocking it unconscious. Then a hard object slammed into the back of her head, knocking her out. When she awoke, she recognized the terrain and knew she was in the deep woods. She also felt her body getting dragged along the forest floor, pulled by the back of her hair.

The young girl screamed, scaring whatever was dragging her, making the entity drop her. She then ran off back in the direction of her home. She turned her head to see a white, pale, emaciated figure with black eyes chasing after rapidly gaining ground. The Crawler caught up to the little hair and grabbed the front of her hair with her kicking and screaming into the woods. The little girl struggled in vain to get away, but the animal was too strong for her.

The crawler dragged her into a riverbed and dunked her head in the water, attempting to drown her. Then she heard a loud cracking sound loud enough to be heard under the water, and the crawler let go of her. She pulled her head out of the water to see her police dog with its vice-like jaws firmly clamped around the crawler's upper forearm. The arm hung limp, and she could tell it had been broken. The Crawler tried and failed to lift the dog but lacked the strength to do so. She then ran off back home, leaving her dog to fight the Crawler. Her parents consulted her and believed her story. A day later and the dog hadn't returned. Another day passed, and still no dog. Then on the evening of the third day, her dog hobbled out of the woods, its body covered in cuts and lacerations. It also had a lot of caked blood around its mouth. That dog made a full recovery and ended up living three years after its fight with the Crawler

This story confirms the idea that these animals are fragile in comparison to other cryptids. And if the dog was able to take down the Crawler, which wouldn't surprise me as a 90 pound GSD can take down a 300-pound man. Then perhaps they are even weaker than we thought." SW

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