Saturday, August 14, 2021

Feral Human

Human hands and human feet tells us that we stumbled across a rare feral human.  Likely a band nearby as well.  We also have one other report saying as much

Not fun but they are out there and unlikely anything other than curious.  Plenty of deer meat out there.

Best left alone as integration would be impossible.

Pale 'Crawler Humanoid' Stalks & Cackles at Witness Near Charleston, South Carolina

Monday, August 02, 2021

A South Carolina man was taking an evening walk in the woods near his home, when he encounters a pale crawler humanoid. The entity continuously stalked and cackled at the witness.

The following account was recently forwarded to me:

"I’ll start off by saying I’ve never believed in anything paranormal. I’m a pretty science-based dude. I always look for a logical explanation, and I still am for this encounter. So if you have any ideas let me know.

I live just south of Charleston, South Carolina. I don’t have much time for leisure with work the past year. Been having to accept some pretty awful shifts to get by with COVID times. So I’ve lost my ability to go on my evening walks which are a method of stress relief for me. It had been a while since I had gone on one, so 3 nights ago I decided to just go for a late night walk. I put on my headband flashlight and decided to take a path I hadn’t in ages. There’s a small trail near the back of my neighborhood that goes about 4 miles deep into the woods. My plan was to walk about 1.5 miles in and take the parallel path to come back.

I make it down to around 1.3 miles (according to my Fitbit) and I start getting that feeling I’m being watched. I turn off my head light and sit still to listen. At this point I’m more concerned there’s a guy following me who is up to no good. I heard clear footsteps in the leaves off the trail and they’ve been behind me for nearly 5 minutes. I stopped thinking it was an animal or another walker and became worried. Sitting there for probably 3-4 minutes and I hear nothing at all. I turn back on my head light and decide to start walking quickly back home.

About 2 minutes later I hear footsteps again. This time it sounds different. Sounds like 4 feet instead of 2 feet walking. And it’s walking at the same Increased speed I am. I turn around quickly with my head light and my phone light and point it behind me. Silence. I get angry and yell out, “Leave me alone. I’m going to call the cops, and if you come at me I have a knife!” Silence. I yell again to get the f*ck out of here and start walking towards where I heard the walking. About 20 yards out (hard to fully make out because the flashlight doesn’t reach too far) I see what looks like a literal naked man running full speed on all 4s into the woods. And there were some details that lead me to believe it wasn’t a person.

For one, it was damn near hairless. Completely bald, pale white skin, and the way it ran on 4’s looked natural. Not like when you try to run on all 4’s and look stupid. It looked like it’s bone structure was designed to walk on all 4’s. There was no hunched look, the back was flat and it was FAST. Last thing that happened was straight out of a horror movie.

I hadn’t heard anything in a while on my way back but kept turning around to be sure. With about .3 miles left to go until I was in the clear I hear a MAD dash through the leaves. I whip around and it stops on a dime. I see the edges of its head behind a tree. I yell loudly to try and intimidate. What I heard next I’ll never forget in my entire life. It cackled like a monkey. A noise I’ve literally only heard in nature documentaries. The tone was that of mockery, a predator having fun with me. I didn’t stick around. I sprinted as fast as possible back home.

I’d love to believe this was some prank, or some rabid, bald, diseased coyote. But I got a pretty clear look at it. It wasn’t. It had human feet and human hands. A human head and a human buttocks. But nothing else about it was human. I called the cops after and told them a man was following me. I didn’t want to say some creature because they’d think I’m crazy. They didn’t find anything but they did see quite a bit of activity in the leaves and dirt about 50 feet from where the trail was, leading far back into the woods before it got to a large stretch of grass, where no footprints were seen.

Please someone tell me I’m crazy or that this was some elaborate prank or deformed man." TA

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