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UFOs Fly Straight Lines or Ley Lines over Sacred Sites


This is a very odd item and it is hardly rigorous.  It does beg the important question of just what produced these lines and what is producing the effect.  The fact that they are straight lines powerfully suggests that they are artificial.

The one good reason for them been straight would be the existence of an underground tunnel.  Perhaps it is somehow energized as well with appropriate minerals.  We how know all this is and was possible in the Bronze Age and that they actually did stuff on this scale.  Time to dig deep or at least find low points to dig deep.

The UFO association appears simply coincidental and perhaps an artifact of ancient mapping.  The realated fields are simply not strong enough to be that usable.

UFOs Fly Straight Lines or Ley Lines over Sacred Sites

Alfred Watkins, a landscape photographer in Herefordshire, England noticed that ancient sites seemed to be aligned with others nearby. His idea was that our ancestors built and used prominent features in the landscape as navigation points. They are like a chain of fairy lights, or lights from UFOs flying in a series of straight alignments of various ancient features, such as standing stones, wayside crosses, causeways, hill forts, and ancient churches on mounds. He realized immediately that the potential discovery had to be checked from higher ground when, during a revelation, he noticed that many of the footpaths there seemed to connect one hilltop to another in a straight line. These features included prehistoric standing stones and stone circles, barrows and mounds, hill forts and earthworks, ancient moats, old pre-Reformation churches, old crossroads and fords, prominent hilltops and fragments of old, straight tracks. 

Watkins went on to suggest that that the lines connecting these ancient sites represented old track ways or routes that were followed in prehistoric times for the purposes of trade or religious rites, and in 1921 he coined the term 'Ley Lines' to describe these alignments." While I was flying in the Air Force UFOs were often hovering over key places like Stonehenge or power plants. Many ancient megaliths and pyramids emit energy that may be used by UFOs. Watkins himself did not believe that there was any magical or mystical significance to Ley Lines. 

However, the authors note, "The idea that there is a hidden network of energy lines across the earth ... fired the imagination of the burgeoning New Age movement, and dowsers in particular became keen on detecting Leys with dowsing." The orange balls of light phenomena, that certain UFO investigators such as Andy Roberts and Paul Devereux claim earthlights, are mainly seen over positive Ley Line areas. Although some orbs may be Earthlights caused by electricity generated along the earth’s tectonic plate’s fault lines most orbs observed are not along the fault lines and seem to be intelligently controlled. Some Ley Lines run on the earth’s tectonic plates fault lines, which according to Roberts and Devereux release earthlights during stress on the fault lines before an earthquake. Ley Lines give off positive and negative energy, the same as a magnet has a positive and negative poles. The blacked or negative Ley Line attracts negative experiences, and apparitions as well as alien abduction experiences due to the negative energy that the lines are emitting. The negative dark Ley Lines draw negative things towards them so that they can feed off the negative energy, which is being put out by them. 

Mark Patrick Gibbons writes, Because of this New Age interest, Ley Lines rose from mundane origins to an entire field of study, spawning books, seminars, and groups of Ley Line enthusiasts who gather to discuss, research, and walk the lines. Ley Lines have also been incorporated into a variety of otherwise unrelated paranormal subjects, including dowsing, UFOs, crop circles and numerology. The native Indians of the United States; used to call Ley Lines spirit lines and their Shaman’s used to use the electro-magnetic energy in these lines to help them contact the spirits. They even designed their medicine wheel on the spirit lines, as they knew that these lines followed a straight round line because the sky Gods told them.

Almost every ancient culture claimed that Ley Lines gave off positive or negative energy. Aliens, spirits and even some humans are evil, while some are good. The black dragon or black lines represented all that is bad and evil in the world, which then in turn brings us back to the Eastern philosophy of Ying and Yang the dark and the light.

Much abduction by the grays and poltergeist activity seemed to be happening on Ley Lines that had been blacked, by occult practices. Incidents of witchcraft, kidnappings were reported over the centuries along the blacked Ley Lines. I came to the conclusion as most people who are abducted that it had negative implications in their lives. The experience on board the gray’s craft was negative experience. About ninety-five percent of abductions with the grays happened where there are blacked or negative Ley Lines. Positive, good, or light forces apparently control some Ley Lines. Rather than abductions, these are on the contactee side of the UFO phenomenon. 

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell had explained to me that the Dead Sea Scrolls explain the UFO situation in the War Scroll between the forces of Darkness and Light. These scrolls contain an apocalyptic prophecy of a final War between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. The Sons of Light in the scrolls are Israel and its allies. The Sons of Darkness are those forces of Belial and Edom attacking Israel. Interestingly Graeme Wood, explains What ISIS Really Wants, in the Atlantic. “The Islamic State is a Sunni Muslim religious group with carefully considered beliefs, that they are a key agent of the coming apocalypse or end days.”

Islamic State’s self-declared caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and those who follow and serve him are, above all else, ardently religious Muslims. The Islamic State rejects peace as a matter of principle; that it hungers for genocide; that its religious views make it constitutionally incapable of certain types of change, even if that change might ensure its survival. The Islamic State is committed to purifying the world by killing vast numbers of people. It considers itself a harbinger of – and headline player in – the imminent end of the world.” Apocalyptic Islamist ideology teaches that Muslims must play an active role in bringing about the appearance of their messiah …Mahdi, the Ultimate Savior of mankind and the inheritor to all divine messengers. He will come alongside Jesus Christ the second-most-revered prophet in Islam to lead the freedom and justice lovers to eradicate tyranny and discrimination. They will promote knowledge, peace, justice freedom and love across the world. In the Islamic State’s eyes the Western World are the Sons of Darkness that will be defeated in the final Apocalyptic War. The questions are who will win, and which side will the forces of Heaven support in a major confrontation between good and evil forces. On positive Ley Line sites, I found the opposite that ninety-five percent of the incidences that happen on these sites are positive in nature. People who have spent time on these positive sites have had positive things happen in and around their lives.

Take the Swastika, for example, on Ilkley Moor. Many of the people who have visited the stone have felt positive energy is surging through their bodies. I know of a few people who have suffered with pain walk up to the stone and stand on it. They have also felt energy surge through their bodies and a few hours later, their pain has rescinded and has not bothered them for a few months. I also know that this has baffled their doctors, as a trough of them suffers from arthritis. I began to notice that many abductions by the grays and poltergeist activity were happening on Ley Lines that had been blacked, by occult practices. The grays appear to b making hybrids of 75 % human and 25% alien who are entering our society.

The author, Aime Michel, did an excellent job of researching cases and formulating his theory. While history since the books 1958 publication seems unkind to his theory, it was an interesting take on a subject that is too often ridiculed by clueless people who have not properly researched the evidence. You can say what you want about Michel's conclusions, but he treated the subject with respect and put a lot of work into it. He deserves our respect on that note. If some of the so-called experts and debunkers would put 10% of Michel's effort into the subject, maybe I would stop regarding them as clueless jokes.

Aime Michel's "Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery", explains there were multiple UFO reports, including sightings of aliens in France in late 1954. This book features a run-down of the more significant ones. The author attempts to find patterns in the sightings and proposes that UFOs fly in straight lines. Michel says it was the poet and novelist Jean Cocteau who implored him "to see whether the objects move along certain lines ... whether their movements coincide with magnetic lines of force."

The book has an enthusiastic preface by General L. M. Chassin, General Air Defense Coordinator, Allied Air Forces, Central Europe (NATO), in which he asserts: "This book should be in every library," and he reasons, "We can therefore say categorically that mysterious objects have indeed appeared and continue to appear in the sky that surrounds us." Commanding General of the French Air Forces states, “The number of thoughtful, intelligent, educated people in full possession of their faculties who have "seen something” and described it, grows every day. We can say categorically that mysterious objects have indeed appeared and continue to appear in the sky that surrounds us.”

French fighter jets have been scrambled to pursue UFOs and UFOs have hovered over important military facilities. "Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery", Criterion Books, 1958. The book has an enthusiastic preface by General L. M. Chassin, General Air Defense Coordinator, Allied Air Forces, Central Europe (NATO), in which he asserts: "This book should be in every library." As for the aliens that were seen in 1954, they are described as creatures in divers' suits, about three and half feet tall, wearing helmets, with large heads. However, one being was described as four and a half feet tall, with shaggy hair, dazzling eyes and two lights halfway up its body in front. Various animal reactions are recorded: a dog howled, "to wake the dead", another dog was terrified after its encounter three days later and some terrified cows refused to produce milk. Various types of craft are described and environmental, physical, and physiological effects are described. As for the straight-line theory, Michel admits that there were several "rebel" sightings that could not be placed on straight lines. There does seem to be a pattern of UFOs moving from the northwest to the southeast in relatively straight lines even today. I found the opposite with the contactee side of the UFO phenomenon. I found that these experiences happened on Ley Line sites that were not blacked and gave off positive vibes when they walked on positive Ley Line sites. The Bible states, “For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.” 

Ephesians 6:12 

Ancient Megaliths that are large stone monuments exist around the world. Giza, the Great Pyramid (3) Tyumen oil field, USSR (4) Lake Baikal, USSR, many unique plants and animals (9) Hudson Bay, present location of north magnetic pole (11) Northern British Isles, Maes Howe, Ring of Brodgar, Callanish (12) Mohenjo Daro - Rama Empire culture (13) Pyramids in Xian, China, the largest in the world (14) Southern Japan Dragon's Triangle, great seismic activity (16) Hamakulta, nearby lies Hawaii, scene of high volcanic and earthquake activity (17) The sophisticated canal civilization of Cibola (18) Bimini, the site of huge man-made walls underwater, discovered in 1969, the date that Edgar Cayce had predicted that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered (20) Algerian megalithic ruin (21) Megaliths at Axum, the Coptic Christian center in Ethiopia (25) Bangkok and Angkor Wat (26) Sarawak, Borneo, site of ancient megalithic structures (28) Pohnpei Island, Micronesia, site of the megalithic city of Nan Madol (35) Lima, Peru, boundary of Pisco, and Nazca Lines (40) Gabon, West Africa, natural atomic reactor in operation about 1.7 million years ago (41) Zimbabwe with its ancient mines & structures (44) The Maralinga Atomic Test Site, which also has megalithic ruins (47) Easter Island and its megaliths (62) German or alien underground Antarctic base?

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