Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Spiritual Revelation and Truth

I am tackling today a rather difficult topic.  With the exception of Buddhism and that claim is suspect, all spiritual practice has been inspired by some form or other of what is referred to as divine revelation.  The first central claim made is that the divine revelation is Truth and must be accepted without debate.  That has been modified of course but it remains the central issue in our confrontation with Islam.

In fact, it turns out that our subconscious feeds us divine revelation on a regular basis whenever we are stuck.  It is typically best consumed in a timely manner and makes little claim to be an immortal teaching.  Yet this clear phenomena is connected directly with all such divine teachings.  That includes named sources such as the Angel Gabriel.

Thus our individual subconscious, or individual spirit body retains knowledge and can gather data from other spirit bodies. This means that an actual contact with something we understand as GOD is clearly mediated through a cosmology of Earth Angels in particular and a a handful of even more advanced spirits we call Archangels and depending on need, higher yet.  Other cultures adopt somewhat different spiritual avatars such as Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva for example.

Our animal mind provides a present level of cognition that is distinctly different from our spirit body which includes the logic machines managing every cell and is itself a supreme logic machine.  Except it appears we are the ultimate empirical programers as well as we retain free will and that is why we have free will.  We prevent it all going off the tracks be choosing what is good.  This wraps back to the nature of natural logic and the sixth operator..

And here is the core problem.  The spirit or subconscious proposes solutions and we through rational analysis dispose or implement. None of these suggestions are actually truth until we confirm their validity.

It is sharper than that.  A given difficulty in mathematics may have several options of attack to achieve a solution yet have only one correct answer.  This actually happened to me.  Many years back, i worked myself to exhaustion attempting to solve a difficult and subtle problem.  I went to lay down when a new approach popped into my head.  I jumped back up to tackle it anew.  This went on three times with no correct solution emerging.  

The point i am making is that my subconscious did not have an answer or the truth of the situation.  We failed.  In practice all divine revelation can be described at best as the combined wisdom of mankind and little else.  This is still good but elevating all that to divinity is unnecessary. 

What the Spirit world is teaching us is that we are still searching for greater truths and they will help us..



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