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Kennedy Assasination Pattern


What is presently interesting is that a number of witnesses have come forward to tell their stories in often self published books.  This has produced a mass of hard data, impressions and people who saw something that they did not understand.  Out of that it has come time to propose a conjecture regarding what actually took place.  At least we will not try to stuff it all into the long failed and totally discredited lone gunman theory.

Even then the lack of a fleshed out alternative conjecture has allowed other partial explanations to be discredited rather easily.  So let us get to it.

Conjecture:  The key CIA team used to launch coups offshore was ordered to kill JFK.

First off this team existed from the Early fifties through 1975 when this activity was shut down.  Observe that this is when HW Bush was also made head of the CIA.  They were referred to as cowboys which understates just how highly skilled they were.  They had excellent tradecraft and that is what becomes apparent in the Kennedy Assassination.

The most important observation to make here is that all active members were NOT American Citizens.  It was critical that they could never be brought in front of an American court or Congress.  However it is a good bet that they were all trained together to master trade craft and in order to work together as needed.

Like a SWAT team they were never allowed to become idle, otherwise they would lose their edge.

1     Conditions leading up to the Assassination decision.

As has been pointed out, the Kennedy Administration was confronting the rogue behavior of the CIA over the egregious Bay of Pigs adventure in which the CIA had set up the president to force him into a decision to go to war.  Problem was that when the President shut that down, they then told everyone involved that the President had let them down and thus avoidd accepting blame internally.  This obviously produced an army of disgruntled Cubans and CIA agents as well.

All this led to an intensification of anti Kennedy feeling in the CIA led Cuban  diaspora in New Orleans and elsewhere.  There were plots afoot to assassinate Kennedy although none stood a chance.  However it provided a real background cover for a serious plot.  Thus we have an angry hive of bees.

At the same time they were also confronting the Mafia successfully under Bobby and LBJ was sliding toward indictment over corruption.  This provided two additional motives to a real capability.  That meant it was easy to get cooperation for the CIA.

Now we do not know who ordered the Assassination. However. LBJ had to be felt out to ensure his cooperation but not his knowledge.  Key American CIA types had to set up the patsy properly and the motorcade had to be managed just right and no one could be in a position to knock these arrangements off track.  It was tricky.  Recall that the minimum security measure is simply to change the route into town and there were no end of warnings coming into the CIA tasked to provide security as well.  This was the dog that did not bark.

Add in that the FBI had to also cooperate as well to control the investigation and J Edgar Hoover also had to be part of this scheme but not as a planning member.  He likely knew as much as LBJ and no more.  That all means a heads up from a trusted associate and their decision to stay silent.

All this means that several individuals were part of the plan and these were American case officers at least.  One person could not do it all but all had to know enough to do his task which included directing the patsy Oswald who was a CIA asset on payroll but no longer deemed reliable.  His Mexico trip was CIA business and he thought he was undercover at the Book Depository.  However, all this meant he had a CIA handler who had to know something.

Add in the Mafia been tasked to execute Oswald who most certainly would have blown the whole story wide open and we have another key player carefully implicated and demanding a knowledgeable officer.  Ruby was ordered to do what he did here.

2     Selecting the kill zone

The kill zone was surrounded by several tall buildings providing ample possibilities of shooting points.  I suspect that there were three.  One is the infamous book depository which was clearly meant to be found as it was not cleaned up.  We are talking about moments here to do just that.   The second is from another building also at a different angle and riskier distance.  I do want to make the point that these two sites were difficult to shoot from because you are shooting downward at a moving and shifting target.  You had to be good at least but the agents involved were unlikely to be skilled snipers.  They both missed their actual target.  The best site was unfortunately out in the open behind a fence behind the grassy knoll.  This was a straight on frontal shot that i could plausibly make.  There was a real risk that this site would run into public interference.  As it was it did get an eye witness who saw the shooter fire and as in all good trade craft immediately hand off the rifle and walk.  This is the shot that killed Kennedy.

3     Cleanup and exit

 The shooter would immediately walk away and head for a prearranged safe house to lie low.  His partner would dispose of the weapons and also skedaddle.

If all that went clean, everyone would soon be on flights out of country.  We are talking about six folks who must never talk and this is the best way to protect everyone involved.

What was left was the cleanup. The Mafia took care of Oswald who was a patriot even thinking originally he was on the track of an assassination plot.   At that point the FBI grabbed control of the investigation and that was that.  

4      Historical Note.

It has been noted that Herbert W Bush was a likely CIA case Officer in the right place and during all material times.  He certainly was the right age and running the typical CIA cover story of an independent Texan oil man.  That just happens to be a completely plausible cover that anyone can use with a modest amount of oil industry exposure.  I personally have made serious coin from the oil industry over the years.  I is an oil man:-).

However there is no compelling reason to think that he was important then from any of the evidence available.  It is his later career that makes him important and its uniqueness that draws attention.  He became head of the CIA at the same time that the Cowboys were finally disbanded.  Why was he uniquely tasked?  It was not obvious then and it remains clouded today.

Then astonishingly, he became Vice President under Reagan.  Yet he was no politician as he showed when he himself became president and finally ran into a real politician in Bill Clinton.  This is a question mark that i noted at the time and never had a satisfactory answer.  Perhaps more research will flesh out a banal history of no consequence and i do hope so. Yet my own informants suggest that i should trust my gut here..


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