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Entering The Angelic Realms


I do not know yet if angels are highly advanced human spirits or not.  I sort of suspect that they are.  Yet they will still come down into a human life at great risk.

As i have been posting, we have determined that our living bodies including the cellular level is all operated by  our spirit body whose information density is millions of times greater than our physical body.  The single cell has its own internal astral logic machine as part of our light body.

Thus having a spirit guide or many spirit guides for that matter and having a guardian angel begins to make perfect sense.  Angels have been tasked to provide guidance if we request it.

That is a pretty powerful limitation.  We need to be aware and we need to develop habits that access this talent.

For most of us this is a powerful shift in general perspective.  We discover we are not alone and that this can be accessed to advance ourselves wonderfully.

Entering The Angelic Realms

Soren Dreier, Guest


Angels seem to have become out of fashion on the account of other metaphysical realm entities such as ghouls, nature spirits, ghosts and other non-biological beings getting the majority of the attention. I would like to bring them back on the table.

There is always a choice to be made: whether to describe their realms theoretically or as an experienced metaphysical reality.

Since I said in a recent post: ´We need a lived spirituality´, I will go for the experienced, then into describing the realms, but first some overall remarks. I basically use free flow consciousness to describe this, and it has its own way of straying.

Often, relating to these metaphysical realms and having different entities in one’s life is a question of seeing them.

Some people see them with their physical eyes, which is usually very rare, but most see them with the inner eye. People I know, have seen Angelic beings under the influence of DMT. I have never done Ayahuasca, so I wouldn’t know – but I trust the people who have told me about their visions of a kaleidoscope of non-biological beings, whether they be smurf like nature spirits or mighty Angelic beings.

I can also say that if Angels are a myth, it must be one of the really solid ones, since ancient scriptures in different spiritual belief systems talk of them. In our daily lives, the word or the concept of Angels seems to be used frequently. It is very popular in songwriting and lyrics, and we seem to know naturally what the person is singing about. The overall idea of angels is spread across cultures and religion.

On a side note: Johan Sebastian Bach´s: Air is, I believe to be, music that is inspired and possibly channeled through the angelic realm to Bach’s consciousness. Similarly, it is believed that certain passages of Vangelis’ 1492, is music inspired and channeled through what in Christianity is, The Holy Spirit. It’s all very interesting.

I have to say though, if you want to approach the Angelic Realms, you will have to forget all aboutreligion. That is very important.

Angels were there long before religion and will be after the fall of religion. Religion in the New Dawn will be a gentle breeze that caresses your spirit and soul, free of fear, free of judgment – it will be the age of the soul.

What’s interesting about religion is the spiritual, metaphysical energetics, as I have touched upon before in: ‘The Hidden Awakening Inside Religion’.

In order to deal with the Angelic Realm, you have to make room for them, since they do not like ghouls or the denser nature spirits who impose themselves on you. If you don’t believe they are there – they aren’t and they generally won’t interfere in your daily life. Remember, I’m not talking about Guardian Angels or Celestial Guards; I am talking solely about the Angelic Realm – which is tied in with the human realm but in a way that they have their own evolution. However, their evolution is very much tied in with human evolution and it is so, that when we are ‘finished here’ – we can transcend to our next evolution in the angelic spheres, continuing our evolution in the Angelic Realm if we wish to do so.

Some believe that Angels can do the same – be born as humans.

This is so, but it’s not a shift in evolution as we can do. They can often choose one life to experience in human form, which I actually think makes sense if we perceive them to be Celestial Helpers – and they love to help out. I will go deeper into that in a later post.

Making room for them is not difficult.

Not so long ago in our past, with the exception of some enlightened rishis, seers and shamans, we were not aware of microbiology. We had no knowledge of say: bacteria or microorganisms. We didn’t know they existed. We could have suspected maybe, that some entities were responsible for our ailments, if we didn’t cling to the stupid idea of Sickness being a punishment of some angry Gods.

Fairly late in our current evolution, we became aware of microorganisms, through the lens of basically a magnifying glass. So today – even though we can’t see the micro-cosmos with our physical eyes, we often see it with our inner eye. It’s not difficult to visualize bacteria, since we have the magnified pictures available to study. Even though there is bacteria that varies from other bacteria in appearance and function, we have a general concept and an inner voice of that perception, which will make us go:

There’s an old sponge in the sink, it’s fairly alive and oozy, better sterilise it before it actually starts walking and wash my hands or whatever the situation is.

It’s all about perception and to make room for that perception if we want to engage with Angels – invitation only it seems, but as you can see, it’s not elitist in any way.

This is the ground rule.

I am well aware that there are reliable stories out there about Angelic Intervention.

Stories of people being trapped inside the rubble of an Earthquake for days – that felt an angelic presence that suited them though their ordeal and kept them calm with a promise of: You shall be found.

I would think this is so, but with these stories I also have to take into account – that our mind copes with life threatening situations in many ways and is fully capable of creating a suiting and healing scene, which is a projection, in order to deal with the fear and the horribly claustrophobic situation. Other stories are taught throughout religion, as sudden angelic interventions and visions, but the problem is that the actual metaphysics of these stories are too tied in to fitting a particular religion.

Metaphysics was here before ‘modern’ religion and when religion went for the souls, it basically, like many other things, hijacked the concept of Angels to serve its need for awe. The Angelic realm was basically hijacked into being messengers of God, which actually gave the ghoulish beings a grand time, since they are very clever of impersonating angels.

That mechanic still holds, and if we engage in and with the Angelic Realms, we have to be very careful that we are not being tricked.

On a side note: That is one of the major perils of channeling. People channel this and that. Some are probably Angelic – but most are ghouls posing as some enlightened entity. The frequencies can be hijacked and often are. I mean what low-life non-biological being doesn’t want to be perceived as a: Messenger of God or the Celestial or the newly departed? That’s not even tempting for ghoulish beings – that’s almost certainly a must.

Believe what suits your soul and spiritual needs. I am saying – maybe we badly need to co-work with the angelic realm once again.

Entering that can be a spiritual game changer in our lives when we actually start seeing them and feel their most celestial presence.


As I wrote previously, Angels are some of the most powerful and ever-present symbols in our collective vision and a metaphysical reality. Angels are an evolution alongside humanity’s. They have their world – we have ours.

Our world is a bit dense, we call it 3D. It could be tempting to call the Angel’s world 5D, but that would not be what I see, and as I said, I would like to step out of ‘in theory’ and into: metaphysical reality.

The encounters and visions I have had the last week on this are very synchronistic.

Three days ago, I decided to write on this topic. And yesterday, I could enter their realm. What I saw there somehow surprised me. Again, I must stress: There is absolutely no specialness required in dealing with Angels. Just open the room for them.

What happened was that I found myself dealing with the Force of Angels by accident. Since I don’t believe in accidents, it was most synchronistic.

I got a mail from a man in New Zealand who said his house was haunted. The ghost there apparently spoke French. Since I know the guy I had no reason to doubt him. It was not a good situation and he was very afraid. Normally, I wouldn’t go into ghost busting – been there done that, very spooky – but after working to get the manifestation out of his house for about 3 nights, he wrote to me: “No, Bro: The French dude is still here.” Normally, in all modesty, I can kick them out, but some are tricky. I used ‘The Protective Cross’ (upcoming post) that we naturally have in our spine. But running out of tricks in my book, I said to him on an impulse: “Well, let’s call Michael.”

The New Zealand guy thought that was a grand idea, so I did that.

Michael’s energy came into the field. I wouldn’t think Michael would normally micro-manage this way – I am talking about the Mighty Archangel, whom I always have perceived to be in charge of getting the departed souls into the right realms of the afterlife – so maybe Michael shipped one of his helpers. Anyway, the haunting went away and calm settled in.

After a few days it came back. This time the man called for Angel Intervention once more, and it went away again.

The amazing thing is also that simultaneously, I got a mail from a guy in Australia. Seemingly out of nowhere, he wrote me about Michael the Archangel and some Ayahuasca visions. I told him: “Maybe don’t disturb Michael – just holler and some angel will show up.”

The next day, he was heading into harm’s way on his bike. When he was about to get smashed by his bike, he called for Angel Intervention and wrote me:

“Now I don’t want to read anything into this that I can’t prove but something very strange and almost impossible happened to me today on my motorbike. As I left to go on my usual run I made the sign of the Cross and asked for protection on my run from the great Archangel Michael. Usually I only do this in wet weather but today I did for some reason as well. So I was delivering at the top of (Geographical Name) which is a steep steep slope with my bike full and heavy with mail. I overbalanced on a sloped driveway and I fell and the bike, loaded with heavy bundles of mail, weighing about 80 kilos, fell on top of me.

“All I can say is I felt nothing, no pain at all, I simply got up, picked the bike up as though it was plastic and went on my way. A lady came out and helped me pick the bundles of mail up, none of which came undone by the way. I wasn’t shaking, or at all stressed from what just happened. This could have been very serious, I could have had the foot pegs dig into me, I could have been very burnt by the hot muffler, broken a bone, anything. But I felt nothing, NOTHING, IT WAS LIKE I LANDED ON A CLOUD. Not a scratch, no bruising, I wasn’t even breathing heavily afterwards. Nothing at all. And this was on a concrete gravelly driveway, not grass.

“I thought at the time that if I could have watched this accident from the ether, I would have seen 4 or 5 angels slowly hold my body and gently let it down to the ground all the while holding my 80 kilos of bike to gently be placed upon my body with such gentleness. This was some kind of miracle. It could have been so bad.”

And this is precisely how it works. Amazing.

So I suddenly found myself in that energy again which I haven’t dealt with for almost a decade. I am a curious traveler and my spiritual interest just took me elsewhere. A decade ago, I used the Angelic realms when I did hands on healings, or if people needed some kind of protection.

Well, the angels certainly are back.

I used to be able to see them with my physical eyes throughout childhood, mostly in the skies. When I was afraid to sleep, I would feel their calming presence. And sometimes I would talk to them and they would reply.

Later, I would mostly see them with the Inner Eye, but occasionally also with my physical eyes.
Many people can.

My daughter could also see them as a child and at the age of around 11 they would not be so interesting to her anymore. She would play with them, and have them guarding her at night.

The point is that I actually never told her that I saw them and knew about their existence until she addressed the subject herself.

I strongly recall that afternoon at her grandmother’s house: Her grandmother had noticed that she was looking at something in the garden for a very long time. And my daughter suddenly said to her grandmother: “Are you aware of all those little angels in your flowerbed?”

Her grandmother turned really pale for 5 seconds and a subtle “Do you also see them?” came out of her, very quiet and bewildered.

After that incident, they formed a deeper relationship – based on their absolute joy of being able to see the Angels.

The bond between them is still very strong, which directs me to an absolutely beautiful episode.

My daughter’s grandmother passed away almost 2 years ago. In February this year, my daughter came in harm’s way: She was prepared for a general anesthetic, as she was exhausted after coping with her condition for 25 hours. I asked her grandmother if she would be there for her and see her through. She did.

My daughter collapsed in the operation room’s toilet and I lost the sense of ‘feeling her’ – which to me is a: This is the end. It filled me with nothing but: Horror.

My daughter, however, thought she had just fainted. She hadn’t just fainted – she had a NDE. But I felt no need to talk it through with her then, given the shock she had.

She visited me some weeks ago and I approached the subject in order for her to flush it out, and she did. She told me that her grandmother came to her after she fell on the floor. She found herself and her grandmother horseback riding on a beautiful meadow. She described the flowers and there were Angels hovering over the meadow and playing in the skies.

Her grandmother halted her horse and told her: “I miss you too, just call and I will come. Now you go back.”

I told my daughter that it wasn’t a fainting, as it doesn’t have these metaphysics involved, the consciousness basically just goes numb. So it was a NDE.

We often see guardian angels, spiritual helpers and so on, along that line of metaphysics. Often, departed ones, no matter how they lived their life, will enter that realm and take on Angelic tasks and wait for their loved ones also to pass, so they can enjoy a celestial time-out within the framework of what I like to call ‘Spiritual Families’.

They are often being confused with Angels.

Goodbye for now.


In the last post on this, I touched upon some very basic encounters.

There are obviously more ‘dramatic’ encounters but I like when building a house to start from the ground and make my way up. It makes no sense to start with the roof. It paves a way, since we don’t always have the perception or the esoteric knowledge to decipher the mechanics in the encounters.

Basically, talking about profound, life altering self-experienced metaphysics has a logical: No Go – zone, meaning: Maybe don’t talk too much about this. By that I don’t necessarily mean that this is the attitude to take when it comes to angels, but there are ‘touching the core of the heart’ experiences that are very private.

I would like to explain, since there is the angle of the Ego and the angle of the Soul.

Many boost their metaphysical experiences into a public room on account of the Ego – that is the fabric of specialness and in the age of spiritual selfies – well, it mirrors something that I don’t have to go into.

I have seen too much of it and it’s a trap, since people who tend to do that, have to pull a much stronger card the next time around in order to keep up their appearance as New Age trailblazers.

As I have written many times: The gap between Café Latte spirituality and lived and somehow sober In Depth Spirituality is widening like a sink hole gone rogue – good.

Then there is the Mystic Path where you don’t just spill it out in order to become interesting, join the hit parade and top the charts. That’s where the real Mystics are.

As Mystics, we know it’s all a matter of energy and not to waste it. I’m not talking about wasting it by writing it or talking about it as a no-go since ‘people won’t understand anyway’ – sometimes Mystics just don’t say or gives a cryptic answer and it is all a question of administering energy.

When I write on the Morph I always get some mails somehow going: Stop writing about the Morph, your ruining other peoples work! Really?

Seems like it would be taken for granted that we all have the same experiences and I did not sign up to be an Echo – I signed up having a voice, and frankly it just goes to show how single minded the approach to metaphysics can be. So basically that statement is metaphysical suicide and very much a tribal attitude toward the many ways of understanding a somehow hidden reality.

A Mystic knows how not to waste energy, by holding it in! That is the key for these in-depth transformational celestial hit-job quantum jumping in experiences. Very important.

Let me give a more mundane example:

Joy is, for most people, a hard feeling to keep inside, so people waste it, instead of sitting on it for a bit.

It’s the same mechanics if we go there, as winning the lottery. I read that a lot in the mainstream news. Someone got lucky and called the whole bleeding family because they couldn’t handle the joy of it – called their friends too and everybody knows. But all say: “I was so high on winning and then I came down. Actually I’m feeling sad now, and everybody wants in on the money.”

Well, you took your own excitement away by pouring it out in everybody’s direction. What did you expect?

We seem so very skilled in stretching our more negative emotions as sadness, complaints, life is not what I expected of it, and I’m doing all the right things, but the law of attraction forgot all about me! So sad. No its not, it just requires a change of perspective.

We are, no matter if we plug into it or not, being born into a somehow Christian society, which religion mostly hijacked into suffering, since religion maybe didn’t plug into the living esoteric power of The Cross. We all have ours to carry and we all will get on that cross somewhere along the line in our life. It’s an initiation of the soul and a: Are you prepared to ´die´ for what is in your heart?.

This mechanic doesn’t go for more surfaced based passed-on-without-you-really-in-it beliefs. Beliefs administered and programmed by others, so it probably – I hope so – served that person’s need, but not all please. In-depth esoteric is very private and souls have different tonings.

Then the collective Mainstream New Age hit the eastern religion/philosophies where Joy and Happiness and the word Bliss stepped in. And the most empowering thing: We are all Gods in the making.

Wowzer – what a shift.

That shift has been, and we are trying to paint it’s legacy with different colours and motives.

The New Spiritual shift is actually coming to some ongoing insights of the mystical mechanics in the field of Jesus and The Saints and the Eastern Yogi’s insight into the molecules of the spirit.

The Field of Jesus and Quantum Physics meet up in this example when Jesus says, popularised: Chop a piece of wood and you shall find me there and so on: Meaning I´m everywhere.

That, boxed-in religion didn’t not understand! And translated it into: Please be shit scared – I´m totally watching you 24/7.

Debunked: What is referred to is The Unified Field. Emptiness – The Void. Meaning: I’m a field, and anyone can plug into that field and I will respond and we are all fields of consiousness.

The response being: A road to enlightenment – which again fits hand in glove with the insights of the east. And the insights of the east, surprisingly for many, fit just perfectly with quantum physics.

It’s when you breach the Celestial Firewall, that you don’t want to come out street-smart as a reflex, because you cannot really contain the joy, bliss and awe. That is one of the many crosses and why I say: Be a Mystic on a Need to Know Basis.

If we just pour it out, we lose its energy and this is very important since we need that contained energy to cross the etheric bridge in the depth of our hearts – to get to the next profound insight.

If you already are in the field of Mystic you would know what I am addressing here, since we all have to try it and we know that when we spilled something out that we should have contained, we basically hit low vibe like a brick wall, and we have to go back to some point, not all the way, in order to pick the power of celestial energy up again.

By this I am in no way saying, don’t tell anyone! Just keep the insights (I don’t use the word: Secrets) running in your system for a bit. It takes time to know them and you have to know them in order to teach or educate others!

I once experienced that with Stuart. He knew this.

I got a reading request from somebody we both knew. She was living in Italy and had some concerns regarding her daughter’s future, so I asked for a picture of her daughter to see what I could pick up.
The picture blew me out of orbit.

Her daughter was an Angelic being, as I spoke about previously, they would sometimes incarnate in human form to perform a specific task or life mission. Her subtle beauty was out of this world. But no sexual frequencies were tied into that beauty, sensual yes, due to the softness in her appearance.

I wrote Stuart something like: Wow Stu, that young lady is out of this world!

It’s somehow a coded message, since what I was pointing to was the Angelic.

Stuart replied in code too, just stating: Yes, she is very special.

Okay, we had an understanding of what we were dealing with, but at a very subtle level. We didn’t have the need to use the word Angel, since it was obvious. Another reason is that it would have taken the energy out of the situation. We both knew – and we had to let it simmer – since, who knows what it could evolve into.

Angels and the Mystic approach are very pristine, stealthy and subtle, and often it can stay that way inside you for a significant time. You have to carry the weight of humbleness about it, and when you have done so, and you know the power in exactly that – you can let it out – because now it’s in the rear view mirror and you are approaching new territories and you have used that energy well.
It’s the Alchemy of the Soul. Very light and very fragile and the strongest force in the Universe.
Guard it well, my friends.

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