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America has Gone Insane

Let us start with the real problem.  It is the much too natural promotion of barbarism in the media.  Barbarism pays.  Much more important it is not a constitutional right to promote barbarism because barbarism just happens to be an attack on civil society similar to treason.

The race to the bottom in the media has produced this huge imbalance and it can be ended in a second by consent.  We do license these scum.  As stated this has nothing to do with free speech but is in fact an indirect attack on free speech. 

Look at how this writer's rights have been assaulted for the simple exercise of his right to free speech which meant for him telling a rational truth.  Yet a mob shows up promoted by the haters and encouraged by media visibility.

I do not need to know that a given individual out of five hundred million has become a mass murderer.  Better yet, it would be best if no one knew at all save those who put him away.  We do this for juveniles.  That ensures no glorification of his barbarism is possible and all such 'art' can remain circumscribed.  My point is simply we need to do this and stop the promotion of profound evil..

America has gone insane

The Spiritual Path of the Native Peoples was always a healthier way of life for humans, society and the environment. The abomination that occurred in Charleston this week is one more proof that America is being led by “the People of the Lie” to self-destruction.

Editorial Opinion
These will not be the words of some wussy dilettante, writing a blog on his Ipod from the comfort of his suburban McMansion. My face and most of my teeth were busted by baseball bats, while I was asleep in a tent during the winter of 2010. Immediately afterward, federal and state “law enforcement” officers spread rumors through all the fundamentalist churches in the Southern Appalachians that I was a male prostitute, who had intentionally filed down his teeth. Living hell spewed forth from those lies.

For the next year, everywhere I moved, gangs of white trash thugs from local Baptist or Pentecostal churches formed vigilante squads to attack my campsites at night. The most dramatic attack came while I was on Wolf Creek in Union County, GA. Two sheriff’s deputies led eight car-pickup truck loads of white thugs from a nearby Baptist Church to “whip up on the pervert.” Things didn’t go as planned. I am a Creek warrior. Those swine came within seconds of going earlier to hell than scheduled.

I did some investigating afterward in between bringing the Mayas to Georgia to upset the archaeologists. Both deputies were Florida transplants, who parents had become immensely wealthy from cocaine trafficking. The families then moved to the Georgia Mountains to hide their ill-gotten wealth and live like royalty. Their parents had used the drug money to become involved with rightwing extremist politics and buy respect in Union County. Oh, they are big shots because God rewarded their politically correct faith with MONEY!  Praise the Lord!

Look who first pays the horrific price for these corrupt cops. It is the honest, dedicated law enforcement officers, who are gunned down in cold blood for no reason whatsoever. Deranged members of tormented minorities strike out like wounded tigers at the first symbols of authority they see.

My herd dogs and I have been shot at so many times that they start panting in fright whenever they hear a gunshot anywhere within a two mile radius. They frantically run into the cabin and hide in the bathroom. So yes . . . this is not the blog of some pampered intellectual.

I must confess that just seeing the face of the murderer of those folks in Charleston made me so angry that took the dogs on a forced march in the afternoon sun, until I worked off my anger. It was the face of a brainless, bleached hair, jackal that I had seen so many times before . . . calling up women I dated to frighten them, attacking the campsite in the dark, slitting my nursing female dog’s throat on the front stoop, uttering profanities from passing pickup trucks . . . trying to break into this cabin at night while I was asleep. They are monsters created by an American society, whose insanity is fanned by demagogue politicians, who claim patriotism, but lust after power.

The greatest irony of what I endured in 2009, 2010 and 2011 was that I am an evangelical Christian and was being persecuted by hypocritical people, who called themselves Christians. I am straight and actually, a rather naïve former dairy farmer. Yet,  I was being hounded and sometimes fighting for my life, because of an element in American society that had perverted Christianity.  These nutcases assumed that I was a sexual predator, because I had an IQ over 75, a nice tan and wuzn’t frum around here.

Well, I take that back.  For a short period, some former members of the Israeli Defense Forces in archaeologist Johannes Loubser’s synagogue also tried to hassle me.  They drove up to my cabin in their $80,000 sports cars, planning to frighten me like they once did Arab peasants, but got just close enough to see that I was carrying a well sharpened machete and was, let’s say, quite a bit more physically imposing than their former Muslim adversaries in the Middle East.  The sports cars turned around and went back to Hotlanta.

Lies the talking heads tell you

The media will tell you that these monstrous acts are solely the work of mad men. They lie because they want you to stay tuned for the many stories that will take you through the criminal justice process. One batch of extremists will tell you that America needs more cops with bigger guns and no constitutional restrictions. They lie because they actually want to control you. Another batch of extremists will tell you that if you take away all the guns, everything will be wonderful. They lie because they want your political donations.

The truth is that America is spiritually sick. During the past 35 years, America has been manipulated and bullied into a society that promotes self-centeredness, self-worship, self-indulgence and submission to self-appointed authority figures, aka celebrities. We are told that excessive accumulation of wealth is a religion and achieving that goal is proof of being blessed by the god, Commerce. Demagogues, waving miniature American flags, tell you that these were the values of our founding fathers. They want you to elect them to public office so they can stop big government while fattening the bank accounts of their major campaign contributors and corporate bosses.

Worshiping one’s self and living only for one’s self can only bring insanity and a society, destined for physical decay. Its ultimate result is that the individual becomes a slave to a self-proclaimed Fuhrer, Marxist dictator or a corporate oligarch.

The Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path of Native Americans establishes harmony between all aspects of the physical and spiritual worlds. Diversity is honored as being part of the whole. The welfare of the community is equal to the personal growth of the individual. Mankind is viewed as the caretaker of the natural environment, which was created and owned by the Master of Life. Any person, group of persons or corporation that exploits the environment is considered a thief.

A Muskogean, whether the Mikko Rakko of Kusa or a pre-adolescent in Ichesi, always first considered the impact of a planned action on his or her family, neighbors or community. All children were loved and beating a child was forbidden. Men and women were equal in all things, but each had special responsibilities unique to their gender. Men opened up the soil, planted the seeds and hunted together. Women tilled the fields, wove and made pottery together.

Husbands and wives had equal rights and responsibilities in a marriage. Each had the right to a speedy divorce if harmony was impossible. The best of healthcare was a given right for all citizens. Medicine men and women were supported by the community.

Among my ancestors, the Apalache Creeks, all forms of bloodshed was forbidden within about two miles of the temple. The people believed there were two souls. One, perhaps called the civic spirit was shared by all. The other temporarily dwelled within a body.

Without going on ad nauseum with spiritual prose, the Spiritual Path of the Muskogean Peoples was best summed up by a former Jewish carpenter about 2000 years ago.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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