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Bigfoot:Searching for Answers with Lon


What i am presently comfortable with is that Bigfoot is a human primate hybrid with significant intelligence but dependent on mind to mind communication along with the entirety of the animal kingdom.  This provides the ability to easily avoid us  as well as the ability to communicate directly with us if we are close by.

It also makes them good candidates for alien intelligences for recruitment and association without disturbing us at all.  In fact, once we get over ourselves and do communicate with these creatures, we will be recruiting them as well to undertake forest management tasks for reward.  They may well like i-phones.

I also think that is more than good enough.  It is the natural telephony that gives them their apparent mystery and their advanced skill set.  Yet recall that they engineered to live wild and that they do live wild as a preference.  A natural pelt does that for you.  It is noteworthy that alien reports all show scant natural furs and their like.  It may be necessary to live with technology..


Bigfoot: Searching For Answers

Monday, July 06, 2015

As many of you know, my views on Bigfoot (or whatever you want to call it) are that this is a real being that is capable of moving between realities. That being said, I also believe it is not a 'cut & dry' phenomenon. There must be certain (unknown) variables involved in order for these events to occur. I've been discussing this subject for quite some time and have offered a multitude of theories. One aspect of the argument has irked me more than others...are there terrestrial Bigfoot as well as ultra-terrestrial Bigfoot co-existing on our earth plane? Maybe it is time to bring these questions more front & center in the debate?

Can we say that just because we don't understand how a Bigfoot would travel between realities (or what their purpose is), it shouldn't rule out this possibility. Indigenous people worldwide will verify this phenomenon with a variety of supernatural beings as they have attempted to maintain their connection to earth and the natural beings while the 'civilized' world has nearly completely lost touch. For the most part, only young children and intuitive adults are able to sense these beings as they move in and out of our Earth plane. It's time for us to wake up and seriously discuss this possibility regardless of what conventional wisdom and science has to say about the matter. The evidence is there and it's time to become more open to a broader perspective.

I usually go back to Jon-Eric Beckjord's theories which sum up much of the argument. He believed that Bigfoot and similar cryptids may be interdimensional beings that can occasionally take physical form for brief periods of time, but have the ability to 'fade out' and pass through 'wormholes', possibly to other dimensions or parallel universes. He reported to have had one of the creatures speak to him using telepathy, communicating the words 'We're here, but we're not real, like what you think is real'. Beckjord claimed that such entities may be able to actually disappear into thin air, or even shapeshift.

Beckjord maintained that the interdimensional hypothesis may possibly, if proven, explain why there are thousands of alleged Bigfoot creature sightings each year, yet no dead zoological physical body is ever found. To evidence these ideas, Beckjord accumulated a large collection of enlarged photographs that he says show, among other things, 'half-Bigfoots' and 'invisible Bigfoots', or possible aliens. The forms are often found in situations where the camera picked up images not seen by the witnesses, often due to distance. According to Beckjord, the images show primates, carnivores and beings not readily identified within known zoological classifications that resemble descriptions of aliens submitted to investigators.

Beckjord's strong beliefs about Bigfoot and similar entities brought him into conflict not only with skeptics, who consider Bigfoot sightings to be a cultural phenomena purely resulting from wishful thinking or hoaxes, but also with those who believe Bigfoot to be an actual physical creature. Though the prevailing attitudes remain the same, there has been some progress over the years.

Researcher and author Kewaunee Lapseritis maintains that the Bigfoot race was brought to Earth by the 'Star People', long before human civilization. His evidence is the creature's use of telepathic communications, alleged hundreds of joint Bigfoot-UFO sightings going back over a hundred years and theoretical physics. He also stated that conventional Bigfoot investigators have not found the creature because they are limited in their belief that Bigfoot is "simply a relic hominid that never became extinct." "That really may be true," Lapseritis said in an interview. "But in addition to that, (Bigfoot) may literally be, as I've discovered, a paraphysical, interdimensional native people that have told me and other people telepathically that they were brought here millions of years ago by their friends, the 'Star People.'

There are various theories, including those proposed by Dr. Matthew Johnson after his initial encounter described in BFRO Report #678 He has subsequently investigated the Bigfoot phenomenon and has given many lectures and interviews since then. His mission statement stresses sharing all information, experiences, theories, and opinions with one another regarding the Bigfoot/Forest People phenomena...and that we all hold important pieces of the Bigfoot puzzle. In other words, no theory should take precedent over others...real answers rely on real cooperation and respect.

I usually like to quote crypto-researcher James R. Harnock:

"While many cryptozoologists and cryptozoology supporters find such theories ridiculous, and often laugh them off, we would all do well to remember that the so-called "mainstream" of science has much the same reaction when presented with the possibility of Sasquatch existing at all. If we hope for mainstream scientists to keep an open mind, we must lead by example and not waste time and energy, that would be better spent searching for evidence, fighting amongst ourselves."

NOTE: I'd like your opinion...if presenting a series of discussions on this subject on Arcane Radio would be feasible and of interest. Lon

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