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Q vs the Wizard of Oz Machine


this is looking more and more like a trap for the NWO and the CCP as well in which their plans were accelerated and put off balance as well and into which all hidden currency stores will be evaporated.

Once upon a time, decades ago, i came to understand MIL INTEL practise enough to see it.  Thus when Q showed up, recognized it and ultimately worked out that they were been fed information from thye future.

the show goes on and it is surely the last act.

Q vs the Wizard of Oz Machine

By Mike King

The most rational objection raised against the Q and the "White Hats" scenario -- and its Q-related offshoot about the ongoing Gitmo arrests / executions and imposter replacements of various big names from government, media and Hollyweird -- is that such special operations could not be kept hidden. Dirty politicians as well as the mighty Deep State media would NEVER just stand down quietly and allow The Cabal to be slowly gutted and destroyed in this manner. The very idea of such meek compliance from the Judenpresse is absurd. The "bad guys" worldwide, through their media, would by now have been screaming from the rooftops about the "fascist coup" -- scaring millions of frightened libtards and normies out into the streets demanding an end to the "human rights violations."

This is a solid and logical objection because such a colossal operation would indeed not only require the White Hats to construct a stupendous illusion machine on par with the 100 + year old "Mainstream Media" -- but they would also have to silence the existing Wizard of Oz Illusion Machine in order to protect the Gitmo round-up operation from being blown wide open before it could even begin.

Yes, the White Hats have 1000s of skilled intelligence operatives, Special Forces soldiers, state-of-the-art technologies, sophisticated masks, numerous Internet influencers and unlimited surveillance capabilities in their formidable arsenal of irregular warfare. But the one thing which the military does NOT possess is anything remotely comparable to the mass hypnotic power of the howling 24/7 Wizard of Oz Machine that can make the boobs of Normiedom swallow such preposterous fairy tales as: Bin Laden 9/11, the Sandy Hook Shooting Hoax, the Boston Bombing Hoax, the ISIS "beheadings," the Covid-19 Hoax etc. etc. etc. This deficiency alone blows the whole Q / secret arrests hypothesis out of the water, right?

Not exactly.

Washington Post

He who controls the Oz Illusion Machine can sell the bewildered boobs of Normiedom ANYTHING -- even flying Unicorns.

"Joe Biden"

Elon MASK -- Globalist villain turned MAGA hero

Fake White House Set

These masked men are hurting the Deep State -- but how are the White Hats getting away with this?

Military White Hats have sophisticated tech and 1000s of undercover agents -- but no equivalent communications force to counteract the talking heads of the Wizard of Oz Illusion Media. So, how did they ever plan to pull off their own illusions?

It has already been well-established, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Team Q / Trump has the ability -- by way of threats of prosecution -- to compel scores of prominent and relatively young politicians of both parties to either "resign" (Paul Ryan, Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, Orrin Hatch, Pat Toomey, Ben Sasse, Andrew Cuomo et al.) or obediently "submit" to their instructions (Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Kevin McCarthy et al.) Q used those exact terms -- "resignation" and "submission" months before so many big names did exactly that. Even the media expressed surprise at the unusual number of resignations in the 2018, 2020 & 2022 election cycles -- and 2024 is already shaping up to be a year of high Demonrat resignations, not to mention defeats.

*Editor's Note: Q has posted several lengthy lists of CEOs, Congressmen, Senators and DOJ & FBI officials who have either "resigned" or been openly fired. (* The vile traitor John McCain was actually executed, his coffin disrespectfully draped in a wrinkled flag, and denied burial at Arlington National Cemetery as Trump played golf during the funeral.)

Before we move on to discuss the Wizard-of-Oz Illusion Machine, take a few moments to digest the following images / headlines. This will establish the critical context as well as precedent which relates to this question.

Q POST #24 // NOVEMBER 1, 2017

"All will do as told."

How did Q know of all of the retirements so far in advance?






For those of you who have taken to contentiously berating Q-Anon visionaries as "Q-Tards" -- (and sadly, pulling your support of RHC) -- while still insisting that the peculiar political bloodbath of 2018-2022 that Q so accurately called well in advance (and which never touched any "far right" Congressmen) was just a "coincidence" -- then there's really no point in reading any further. Your mind is closed, your neck is stiff, and only the momentous coming events will change your thinking--- which is perfectly fine. But if you're intrigued and impressed by these and so many other remarkably accurate "prophecies" and unexpected developments worldwide; then we may rationally resolve the riddle posed by the Wizard of Oz objection.

Recall how, toward the end of that classic 1939 colorized film, the fearsome, all-knowing, almighty Wizard of Oz was finally exposed by little Toto the dog's curtain-pulling as being just a goofy little man hiding in a machine that could project a fearsome fake image of a giant fiery talking head. Now, let's take that scene a step further. Suppose that Dorothy, the protagonist, and her three companions had then pointed guns at the little man's head, commandeered his illusion machine, and then threatened him (by authority of Federal law) into keeping quiet about the games which they were about to play. Wouldn't that make Dorothy the new "Wizard of Oz" --- endowed with instant capabilities to stage her own outrageous illusions, for the good?

You see, dear detractors, once you have accepted the fact that the operator of the Wizard of Oz Illusion Machine can so effortlessly conjure up and conceal the truth of any event that he darn well pleases (as proven by the Kennedy killings, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, USS Liberty, 9/11, mass crisis-actor "shooting", ISIS "beheadings," Covidmania etc.) ---

--- and once you accept the fact that the Q Team was able to place so many powerful politicians "under submission" and force them into early retirements (also CEOs such as Jack Dorsey, Jeff Zucker et al. and CIA journalists such as Charlie Rose, Chris Cuomo, Brian Stelter, Don Lemon et al.) ---

--- then it is a very short-hop logical inference to arrive at the conclusion that a handful of elite media moguls (guilty of insurrection and treason) have also been "spoken to" and "asked" to cooperate through silence (Orders of Non Disclosure) about certain "sensitive" operations now taking place. They are also being made to insert CGI illusions and acted-out imposter events (such as fake State-of-the-Union speeches and "Biden's" fake trip to the Ukraine). Indeed, under emergency FEMA / Continuity of Government (COG) directives, the military is authorized to commandeer all means of communications -- legally.

We're off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz --- and behold the epic, dramatic, military-scripted "return" of The Donald, followed by the "tape delayed / re-enacted" absolute obliteration of stumbling, bumbling, mumbling "Joe Biden," the Demonrat Communist Party, and the Satanic NWO Cabal itself, once and for all.

Yes --- "All will do as told." Trust the plan.

* Q Post 32 / Nov. 1, 2017

"Not even the MSM (Mainstream Media) can hide and rest assured some will be jailed as Deep State Agents."

The combination of plea deals and COG enabled "Dorothy" to seize both the government and the Illusion Machine from the "Wizard" -- and now cover up or conjure up what ever trick she pleases.

It's COG.

Trump's Coded Truth posted on April 29, 2023 -- "FAKE NEWS NETWORKS SHOULD BE FORCED" (all in caps)

If the White Hats were able to take down formerly untouchable billionaire media moguls like Harvey Weinstein, Jeff Zucker (CNN) and Jack Dorsey (Twitter), then they obviously can get to anybody and tell them to "cooperate."

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Anonymous said...

I keep hearing people bringing up about arrests and executions, but I Have been following the offical Q posts,on 8chan and 8kun,from the beginning (October 2017), and this type of info is not coming from them.The only place I've seen, as a source of these reports about executions is a website called Real raww News, and none, that I know of have been verified In fact I've seen a bunch of Fake Q posts all over the internet.The last verified post on 8kun was Nov 27.2022. I've attempted to contact Real Raw News to get a reply on the authenticity of these stories but have not heard back.Their released stories about the arrests and executions of the" treasonous players reads like a official Military press release.The military would not just release it secretly to a couple online bloggers! They don't work like that.I think that the Military tribunals are coming, but these past and current stories are made to confuse and demoralize.This Q source always said that comms would only be to certain locatons.The first was 8chan then later switched to 8kun.Keep the faith WWG1WGA