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Two UK Babies Dead From Myocarditis

Right now, a famously rare disease is showing up where it happens to be famously rare which makes the whole scenario otherwise unbelievable.  so of course we all come back to the JAb and also back to shedding as well.  This can be nasty stuff and we are still in mushroom mode in terms of our science.

The JAB does continue to show evidence of been a depopulation vector.  We will need to restructure our global civilization to mandate that all 18 year old girls must produce four babies before they are 24 under social contract.  Thkis will counter the pending disaster and overcome this assault.

So humanity need not go to extinction ,but it does need a complete social reengineering using my methods
 of natural community and the rule of Twelve..

Two UK Babies Dead From Myocarditis: Total of 16 Babies Developed “Severe Myocarditis” in Wales & England, Eight Ended Up in Intensive Care

Can COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers injure their babies? YES!

Global Research, May 22, 2023

This is a major international story. On Tuesday, May 16, 2023, the WHO issued an alert that there had been 15 newborns in the UK, 10 in Wales and 5 in England who were struck down with severe myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) from June 2022 to March 2023. (click here)

The cases occurred from June 2022 with a peak in November 2022 involving babies under 28 days old.

Out of the affected babies, one has died. Eight were treated in intensive care, where they were intubated, put on a ventilator and received circulatory support.

“Health chiefs were spooked by the ‘unusual’ spike in cases over such a short space of time, prompting a thorough investigation.”

According to Zerohedge: “in the same hospital (covering the South Wales region) over the previous six years, “only one other similar case has been identified.”
Official explanation

The UKHSA said it was “investigating the situation in England”.

PCR testing of nine of the children confirmed they had coxsackie B3 or B4 — types of enterovirus.

Dr. Christopher Williams, consultant epidemiologist for Public Health Wales, said: ‘Enterovirus is a common infection of childhood, causing a range of infections.

It only affects the heart on very rare occasions. This cluster is unusual due to the number of cases reported in a relatively short time frame.

“Investigations are now ongoing in collaboration with the pediatric team in the children’s hospital of Wales to understand the reasons why and to investigate any further cases that may be reported in the coming weeks and months.”

Another baby died of myocarditis, not part of the 15 UK newborns

Another baby who is not included with the 15 newborns affected, also died of myocarditis. Joann Edwards from Mountain Ash in South Wales gave birth to Elijah on Feb.25, 2022 but within a few days of being at home, he became lethargic, developed jaundice and was taken to the hospital when he was a week old because he stopped feeding.

The baby was diagnosed with sepsis, myocarditis and died within days of hospitalization (click here)

Mrs. Edwards said her family has been ignored and was ‘gobsmacked’ after hearing about other cases as they were ‘led to believe that we were a one-off’.

Cwm Taf Morgannwg Health Board is now probing Elijah’s death.
What is going on?…

16 UK infants with myocarditis, 2 died, 8 in Intensive Care.

This is an extremely important story.

I don’t buy the official explanation. It’s very suspect. Of these 16 cases, 9 were allegedly diagnosed by PCR tests and all tested positive for enterovirus.

The problem is, we know that PCR tests were notorious for producing over 95% false positive results during the COVID-19 pandemic which were used to drive fear.

In reality, anyone can over-cycle these PCR tests to produce false positives for any virus, and you have the perfect cover-up.

And if the World Health Organization is involved, the probability of fraud and cover-up approaches 100%.

COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers…

My first question is: were the 16 mothers COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated?

Given how aggressively COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were pushed on pregnant women, it is highly probable that they were. For the sake of argument, let’s assume they were.

My second question is: Can the mother’s COVID-19 vaccination cause myocarditis injury in her newborn infant and if so, how?

The short answer is: YES.
COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines are crossing the Placenta…

COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, including Pfizer and Moderna, are delivered in the form of mRNA packaged in lipid nanoparticles or LNPs.

These LNPs CAN AND DO cross the placenta and here are the studies proving it:Dec.2015 – Nanoparticles can cross mouse placenta & cause injury (click here)
Nov.2020 – Translocation of (ultra)fine particles and nanoparticles across the placenta: a systematic review on the evidence of in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo studies (click here)
Dec.2022 – Lipid Nanoparticle composition drives mRNA delivery to the placenta (click here)
Feb.2023 – Ionizable Lipid nanoparticles for in vivo mRNA delivery to the placenta during pregnancy (click here)

Bottom line: COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers deliver COVID-19 mRNA vaccine LNPs across the placenta to their unborn child.

Once LNPs enter the fetus, they have negative clinical impact on it. A study by Young et al. showed that some pregnant mice lost their fetuses when they were given LNPs (click here)

This was exposed recently by well known whistleblower Jikkyleaks and has been dubbed #Placentagate.

Jikky says: “This could be one of the biggest scandals in medicine” (click here)

My Take…

COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers deliver LNPs with mRNA to their unborn children through the placenta. This was never studied by Pfizer or Moderna.

Once the LNPs are in the fetus, they distribute freely throughout, including into the baby’s heart where spike protein expression causes inflammation (myocarditis)

Furthermore, mRNA was also recently detected in breast milk, in the paper by Hanna et al. (click here)

US Genomics Expert Kevin McKernan wrote a substack article about how mRNA ingested by the infant through breast milk, could exert a clinical effect by:COVID-19 vaccine mRNA is RNase resistant due to modified N1-methyl-pseudoU, so it doesn’t break down easily;
Baby’s oral mucosa can be transfected by mother’s mRNA;
mother’s mRNA can survive the baby’s gut and digestive process.

Look at this fascinating explanation: (click here)

“(Breast) Milk is considered as more than a source of nutrition for infants and is a vector involved in the transfer of bioactive compounds and cells.

Milk contains abundant quantities of extracellular vesicles (EVs) that may originate from multiple cellular sources. These nano-sized vesicles have been well characterized and are known to carry a diverse cargo of proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and other biomolecules.

Milk-derived EVs have been demonstrated to survive harsh and degrading conditions in gut, taken up by various cell types, cross biological barriers and reach peripheral tissues. (click here)

Translation: COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers can transfer mRNA to their infants through breast milk (in extracellular vesicles), the mRNA can survive the baby’s digestive process, and the mRNA can then exert a serious clinical impact, including well known adverse events such as myocarditis.


I have a reasonable suspicion that maternal COVID-19 mRNA vaccination may be causing myocarditis in babies. In this cluster of 16 UK babies that developed “severe myocarditis”, 8 ended up in the ICU and 2 died. Notice that all 16 babies were 28 days old or younger, which seems particularly odd.

Any possible link between maternal COVID-19 mRNA vaccination and these 16 infant myocarditis cases including 2 deaths, should be investigated but this will probably never happen. A cover-up (with the help of the WHO) may already be well underway and it will all be swept under the rug to protect Pfizer & Moderna.

But this story is important because it raises a KEY question:

Can COVID-19 mRNA vaccinated mothers give mRNA to their babies and injure them? YES, both through the placenta in utero, and through breast feeding via breast milk.

In both situations, the COVID-19 vaccine mRNA can exert a serious clinical impact on the infant, which includes all well known mRNA adverse events such as MYOCARDITIS.

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