Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Prospective MRa Shedding victim

As a practicioner working directly with victims, shedding was a real risk.  He clearly succumbed and he clearly was a confirmed victim.  this powerfully proclaims the reality of hte risk itself.

We may be losing a lot of medical professionals beforewe get this understood and managed.  wake up and smell the roses.  understand that he had not taken the jab.

We do continue to have casulties, but i do not  think we see a runaway kill cycle taking place.  I do think that the perps expected far worse, but as i did believe then, I calculated that they would be twarted while proving their guilt..  The perps have now been forced to abandon their schema. 

It is with sadness, yet great appreciation, that we pay tribute to my friend and colleague Dr. Rashid Buttar, who passed away on May 18th.  

Rashid was a fearless and tireless advocate of health freedom and speaking truth to power, and he had an immense impact on helping the world understand the power of their bodies to heal, from literally anything.

We were less than a month away from his 5th Annual Advanced Medicine Conference, which we are now uncertain will proceed.

Given that Rashid was put on a digital hit list, along side me, cynically named the "disinformation dozen," we had a special bond and interest in discussing the many ways we could continue to preserve health freedom, free speech, natural medicine, and ultimately bring the world into a healthier, happier, and more beautiful phase of evolution.

I will cherish these conversations, and Rashid's incredibly sincere spirit, and know that while his life has been cut short, he helped make this world a safer, better place for us all through his good works.

Due to rumors circulating and the many questions I have received as to the cause of his passing, I wish to share the last publicly recorded discussion we had, where Rashid wanted the world to know the details surrounding the sudden decline of his health.

For the record, Rashid reached out to me on Feb. 18th, and explained that only a few weeks before, he was in the ICU for 6 days, with a diagnosis of both stroke and myocarditis, with symptoms and biomarkers consistent with adverse effects from the mRNA jabs (which he did not have). As you will see in the video, he believed that he was experiencing the result of shedding (aka, "self-amplifying" properties) from the transgenic mRNA jabs. 

Rashid shares his story starting at the hour marker of an interview I conducted on March 13th with Dr. Joel Bohemier, Rashid, Ty Bollinger (another "hit list" member) and titled The Censorship Industrial Establishment Exposed.

Ultimately, Rashid life and work is to be celebrated, no matter what the circumstances are of his passing.

You will be missed, my friend, but I know many of us will continue forward the spirit of your work long into the future, which is the greatest tribute we can make to you, when it is all said and done. 

With love and respect,
Sayer Ji


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