Thursday, May 18, 2023

EPA announces plan to shut down the US power grid by 2030 With mike Adams

As you likely know,  the CCP launched a WAR beginning in 2020 against the USA using what has been called irregular warfare as the methodology.  The idea is to attack the population without deploying actual military assets.

We are all now noticing what is happening, but I remain rather unimpressed.  No one really grasps, just how resiliant our global economy happens to be.  what is more, if I can figure it all out and then see it unfold, so can MIL INTEL which is certainly not captured as an institution.  You did not even understand it existed until the Q feed popped up.

It is hard to watch but do remember the future and all this will pass.  And those that played will become the nutless.  The hunt is now beginning.  HEAVEN ON EARTH is the objective, not HELL on EARTH

EPA announces plan to shut down the US power grid by 2030

The EPA announced new rules last week that will render the entire US power grid inoperable by the year 2030. This will be accomplished by forcing nearly all coal and natural gas power facilities to shut down, claiming carbon is a "pollutant."

It's all part of the planned takedown of the USA through multiple vectors: Wide open border, escalation of war with Russia, food infrastructure sabotage and the step-by-step destruction of the fiat currency (dollar).

The Obama / Biden regime is on track to utterly obliterate the USA by 2030 if not sooner, transforming it into a collapsed third world nation occupied by illegals who will replace the vaccine-terminated oblivious masses who once inhabited the nation.

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