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Rejuvant Antiaging Supplement Studies Show Large Biomarker Age Reversal

This is a heads up. We have already put high doses of vitimin C along with healthy doses of vitimin D into our tentative elizer for the aging.  Now we are looking at AKG as a component.  Again we need to source powder forms in order to properly use.

and i need a lot more about the science.

what is important though is big money is now been spent to work all this out.  My interest is natural since i have been told i will see my 100th birthday.  I do wish to get there in full health.  

Rejuvant Antiaging Supplement Studies Show Large Biomarker Age Reversal

Rejuvant Antiaging Supplement Studies Show Large Biomarker Age Reversal

May 9, 2023 by Brian Wang

I, Brian Wang, have started taking Rejuvant time released AKG. AKG is safely used by millions for bodybuilders and athletes. Time-released AKG from Rejuvant is used for healthier aging.

I personally have been taking Rejuvant for a month and half. I also started with an aging biomarker test and a spit test analysis. The analysis found that I had genetics that reduced my absorption of Vitamin B. I am now taking Vitamin B supplements along with Rejuvant. I will taking another aging biomarker tests after the six months of Rejuvant. If I was like the average of a previous study, I would expect to see about an eight year reduction in the aging biomarker.

Rejuvant has human medical studies where aging biomarkers have been reversed to reduce measured biological age. There is more than the single case as the study looked at hundreds of people.

This chart shows the measurements. There are error bars but the midpoints indicate that over a three 6 months courses of using Rejuvant every day he has his measured biological age reduce from 52 down to 45. Tom Weldon is 67 years old. If this is accurate, then it would suggest he is squaring the health curve. According to biomarkers he is getting substantially healthier.

I would interpret effect to mean that people can be far healthier up to 80 to 95 but then aging damage still reaches critical levels to cause aging diseases.

I would cite the example of the fitness guru, Jack LaLanne. Jack was fanatical about eating right and exercising. Jack has amazing feats of fitness into his 80s.

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Antiaging Studies and Investigation

Ongoing studies are being performed in Singapore. Brian Kennedy is working at the National University of Singapore to study this as part of means to achieve a five-year increase in healthspan for all people in Singapore. Kennedy is collaborating with Rejuvant.

Brian Kennedy indicates he agrees with the Aubrey dr Grey / SENS analysis of seven kinds of aging damage.

The first research theme funded under the ‘Hacking Aging’ initiative is a series of clinical studies to test novel nutritional supplements and repurposed drugs to slow ageing in middle-aged adults (40-60 years).

At least 15 biomarker studies are ongoing, including Project Abios (Ageing Biomarker Study in Singaporeans) which is looking at several hundred biomarkers in 420 to 450 participants.

The second research theme is to use deep omics data to personalize these supplements and repurposed drugs and other interventions for optimal healthspan extension in middle-aged participants.

One of the supplements is alpha-ketoglutarate, which has been shown to increase the healthspan – the period of life spent in good health – and lifespan in mice. The centre will be investigating whether six months of daily supplementation can slow biological aging and initial results are estimated to be available in a year’s time, said Professor Andrea Maier, the centre’s co-director. Repurposed drugs include metformin, a well-known drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes, that may be able to slow ageing.

The third research theme focuses on extending healthspan in older adults through strength training exercise, harnessing the Foundation’s Gym Tonic community of seniors.

Professor Brian Kennedy, internationally recognized for his research into the biology of aging and for his work to translate research discoveries into new ways of delaying, detecting, and preventing human aging and its associated diseases, is helming the Centre with co-director, Professor Andrea Maier, an internal medicine specialist renowned for translational research in aging and age-related diseases diagnostics and pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions in aging humans.

The 1,600 square feet Centre for Healthy Longevity (CHL) located at Alexandra Hospital, will conduct trials and execute validation studies with healthy participants from the age of 30 years. The Centre will also develop and test these interventions using newly identified biomarkers of human aging. Once approaches are validated, the Centre will develop strategies that integrate a combination of nutritional and exercise approaches together with supplements and (repurposed) drugs for personalized adoption in the Singapore population. The ultimate goal is to bring the individual closer to his/her state of optimal peak performance during the entire lifespan (e.g. screening to start from 30 years of age).

CHL will be looking at blood-based biomarkers, probably the most investigated group due to the large amount of data accumulated in clinical trials.

Many Well Funded Efforts

There are many well funded antiaging efforts. Saudi Arabia has the Hevolution fund which invests $1 billion every year into antiaging.

There are over 158 companies working on antiaging. There are over 340 clinical trials. They have a market cap of over $6 billion. They have over $10 billion in funding. There are over 5000 employees at the antiaging companies.

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