Friday, May 26, 2023

the Sun is Not a Hydrogen Bomb?

 Continuing my workthrough on Robert Temple's book on plasma..  We address the contradictions regarding accepted opinion that the Sun as an ongoing Hydrogen bomb.  I now understand that the whole meme is not viable.  I equally understand this in regard to our understanding of gravity.

Simply put, the reported surface temperature is way too low and certainly non conforming.  that sunspots are much cooler still puts any such a model on its head.

so let us return to DARK MATTER as neutral neutron pairs and simply ignore the neutral electron pairs and neutral neutrino pairs.  as we cannot detect hydrogen ,we certainly cannot detect any of all this.  what we are able to detect are decay products from which our experienced universe arises from.  It is amazing just how much all that has removed us from a theoretical reality.

The easiest conjecture for the sun is to project that what we see and experience is primarily NNP decay into hydrogen which then flows away from the Sun as a plasma flux along with radiation caused by electron decay onto the hydrogen.  I will mention that other elements also emerge but are scant enough.

The next easiest conjecture is that cool NNP conglomerations will decay into known elements.  This may well be happening on Earth as well.  It is still a slow process, as is hydrogen decay out in space.  It appears obvious that NNP compression inside a gravity well will trigger rapid hydrogen decay.  It is then easy to expect decay taking place inside the earths crust  I do not think that compression is sufficient to trigger decay and there is likely much more too it.  I do expect though that it is sped up but not so much as we can notice it.  It may be mostly be about hydrogen and oxygen as well.  We simply can only conjecture until we pack all this inside a tube.

Is it plausible that what we see are protons that have cooled off enough to recombine with electrons and thus radiate the light we see at the temperature we measure.  Of course deeper into the sun would be cooler as well.  And we would measure super high temperature away from the apparent surface which in fact swe do.

All this turns out to be a simple protocol for the production of matter.

What is important is that the plasma leaving the cold Sun is super hot at millions of degrees and produces the solar wind which is hten fills our solar system way past the outer edges.  It appears that this solar wind is also producing dust.  It starts of been hyperhot and then expands and cools continously.  We are protected by our magnetic field and we also have the Van allen Belts which captures radiactives, oviously not hydrogen.

Yet the Sun is cold and certainly not contibuting to the massive heat production.

all this is impossible in terms of fusion energy or for that matter for fission energy.  My projected NNP decay solves this nicely.  We have a massive inflow of elctrons at the poles and the solar wind is driven by the outflow of positive ions which means all of the exit velocity is electrostatic pressure.  this virtuous cycle between  Galactic content and our Solar system produces all our light and solar heat while also flooding the solar system with protons and dust which can obviously descend into a gravity well.

all of a sudden, we now understand just what creates the Oort belt.

Understand that all current science cannot start to explain any of  this.  even knowing the plausibility of my NNPs still took me time to undetrstand that this was plausibly DARK MATTER and that DARK MATTER decay produces all our elements and certainly powers the surface of the otherwise cold Sun.

Our empirical science has just grudgingly accepted the existence of DARK MATTER and then ignores what is 98% of our Galactic mass.

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