Monday, May 22, 2023

TIME Travel

I have done a fair bit of thinking regarding TIME travel. The good news is that because we are in a deep gravity well, TIME can be controled while actual movement not so easily. I suspect a wormhole in space will allow us to jump vast disatances but not conserve TIME. All this may well allow us to explore the Galaxy, but not in the same TIME window. interesting problems eill still arise.

i do expect that it takes real energy for us to open a stable wormhole back in TIME. Yet its presence back in TIME is also a tangible danger as well. I do suspect that coming forward in TIME may need an anchored wormhole allowing event convergence. for this and various reasons, I do think that creating a recieving refugia in the present upon an island that suffered an extinction event will work out. Ending the wormhole will likely be safe enough.

Yet you certainly can see the need for ample testing to understand the impact on bot past and present.  We will ultimately have lineages weaving back and forth that  may well be disconnected.  Yet what is dominant is now and its presence in the Past through a wormhole.  The energetics need to be understood.  Empirical infinity will also matter..

right now we are simply ignorant..

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