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“Net Zero” and the Transhuman Agenda: War Against Nature and Humanity

This sharply describes what has been going on for decades.  It likely began with the global warming hoax.  Here are the known details without the usual apologea.

i never identified this as an assault on the human race even though i had met folks holding really odd beliefs regarding the human population.

understand that what no one truly understands is that the individual human imprint on the environment has actually been steadily diminishing as our population increases.  It is reasonable that it will actually trend to zero as the population climbs past 100,000,000,000.  That is our human intent simply because we want living comfort, access to a healthy nature and a working community.  This has been called Heaven on Earth and it is the objective of this blog enterprise.

The globalists pitch the failures of the past as their currency to gain political control for their GOD KING.  Their nature is stupid is as stupid does.

“Net Zero” and the Transhuman Agenda: War Against Nature and Humanity

The current attempt, by a small group of psychotic control freaks, to gain absolute control over planetary life and to eviscerate the fundamental laws of nature in the process.

Global Research, May 01, 2023

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I have covered the great deception of ‘Net Zero’ in more than one article already. But I’m sticking with it because this massive con trick lies right at the heart of the current attempt, by a small group of psychotic control freaks, to gain absolute control over planetary life and to eviscerate the fundamental laws of nature in the process.

We must spell it out as it is. The intention behind the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, Green Deal ‘Net Zero’ agenda is to completely block off the arteries of sentient life on earth and replace them with an insentient artificial construct.

A construct which, going under the heading ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ demands that thinking man/woman is made redundant, to be replaced by computer power directly accessed to the human brain. The Transhuman agenda.

Rapidly developing algorithmic and digital technologies are the dark techno gods of this planned take-over of life on earth. A life that must be stripped bare of access to the higher dimensions of universal awareness, and kept strictly to a material, five sense prison camp, to include passive obeisance to the perpetrators.

We must not be afraid to state that the motivation for bringing about this dystopian holocaust is quite obviously very dark.

There has existed for millennia, a perverted anti-life element within the human race, which is only out for its own narcissistic ends. It’s a ‘me, me, me’ obsessed element which has no truck with the existence of God, or indeed any universal benign source of life. It only knows the essentially demonic cravings for ‘full spectrum dominance’.

The weaker mirrored version of this despotic malfeasance is to be found in those largely unconscious human beings who become hypnotically entangled with this grandiose narcissism. Here the current obsession is the ‘selfie’ and the seeming need to show others ‘how one is looking’ in 101 different poses and locations on an almost daily – if not hourly- basis.

“Oh well” some may say “at last they are having fun”. But, I observe, the love affair with the seductive agility of the EMF powered mobile phone, is actually an obsession. It follows a very similar pattern as the smoking addict.

Young people in their tens of millions have developed a kind of nervous need to repeatedly pull their cell phones out of their back pockets and check if anyone has called them. It is an addiction which has produced a weird kind of spectacle to those who remember a time when people looked where they were going and took-in the atmosphere and specialness of place without needing to ‘snap’ it and without the snapper making sure that he/she is the main feature of each image!

Humanity, until a critical number become conscious, automatically follows the messages and psychological persuasions of those who control the status quo. Who set the agenda.

So when Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari announce that it’s ‘advanced technology’ that is going to lead humanity to the promised land, and that a reinvented cyborgian world will be ‘an improvement on God’s version’, many EMF addicts fail to register any resistance to this soulless proclamation. They are already half way there.

Nevertheless, some seem to be aroused by the story that the ending of the world will come about via something called ‘global warming’. This suggests that there must be some form of self preservation instinct still working here. Some emotional sense of the undesirability of this outcome.

But we should question whether this emotion is the result of being told, repeatedly “you should be frightened”, or whether it is an actual sense of shock? Followers of Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and Stop Oil, for example, seem prepared to make quite a show out of their ‘save the world’ ambitions.

It looks real enough until one realises these are governments and WEF/Soros/Gates sponsored shows and that the participants are brainwashed believers in whatever they see or hear on the BBC, CNN or their favourite social media portal. Their brain cells seem to lack the ability to make an independent critical judgement. There has been a deadening of the basic will power ‘to question’.

The relentless process of psychological attrition is something that the proponents of a New World Order do particularly well. Dumbing down is proving an effective weapon in the war against a humanity collectively addicted to the technological take-over of their lives, and to the fake green story about ‘the ending of the world’.

That fake green story centres around the stated WEF, UN, EU imperative for achieving a ‘Net Zero’ world by 2050. An imperative, one way or the other, signed up to by just about every country of the world.

But, as I have explained in previous writings, ‘Net Zero’ is a quasi scientific fiction, completely devoid of reason or rational thought. It utilises two abstracted meaningless words ‘net’ and ‘zero’ to convey something that everybody is supposed to understand as a saviour remedy for an overheating planet, but which is actually a scurrilous plot for the decimation of life on earth.

Please be aware: ‘Net Zero’ exactly fits the description of what we are told run-away global warming would do to our living planet.

The demonic element of mankind likes to perform this sort of black magic on unsuspecting mortals.

It likes to reverse the reality and make the complete suppression of the ‘plant CO2 to oxygen’ photosynthesis cycle – into a global redemption agenda. And the survival of a living breathing green planet, the number one enemy.

If one chooses to interpret ‘Net Zero’ as a jargonistic way of saying ‘zero carbon’, one is led to believe that those standing behind this planned global ecocide have pinned all their alarm-clamouring around a recent verifiable trend of just 0.13 centigrade increase in warming per decade, with no increase observed since 2016 and a slight cooling factor detected since then (NOAH/NASA).

This is the ‘science’ which stands behind the story of the coming ‘catastrophic over heating’ of the planet. Which can can only see ‘excess CO2’ as the key causative agent of our planetary demise.

Such a position fails to take cognisance of the fact that our global survival system is being brutally subjected to a litany of deeply wounding attacks via out of control levels of pesticides, plastics, chemtrails, EMF pollution, gas fracking, nuclear radiation, deforestation, concreting over of fertile land, water poisoning, insect annihilation, GMO mono-cropping, animal factory farming and its toxic wastes, war (greatest finite fossil fuel user), ubiquitous oil spillages, wild life habitat destruction and continuous pharmaceutical disruption of the world’s natural healing systems – and much, much more.

As if this litany of attacks on the integrity of planetary eco-systems and human health was not enough, we must now add: The ‘Net Zero’ ecocide saviour remedy.

The digitalisation and robotisation of a large segment of the work place.

5G powered ‘Smart City’ concentration camps for disenfranchised farmers and country dwellers. Those still committed to working ‘with’ nature and growing real food. Not the synthetic stuff promised by ‘Green’ Great Reset.

A weaponised ‘vaccination’ programme to coincide with the hitting of the 5G ‘on’ switch.

The confiscation of all private property, so that we ‘will have nothing and will be happy’.

An extended ‘war theatre’ to include space and almost every populated and unpopulated region of the world.

And last but not least, the greatest prize – the complete dehumanisation and de-spiritualisation of homo sapiens via an ‘upgrading’ of the species into computer powered Transhuman cyborgs.

Yes, a state that Yuval Harari claims will produce results better than those achieved by God.

However, the rhetoric and the reality are not in sync. Cracks in the grand plan are appearing with increasing frequency. It’s leading figureheads appear increasingly off balance, almost comically in some cases.

The Covid agenda has given us a much clearer view into the snake pit. We see there, amongst other things, the further weaponisation of health and the almost unfathomable deception perpetrated by Big Pharma and the US Department of Defence.[1]

We are learning fast. We now see that Covid, 5G, Net Zero and the Great Reset/Green New Deal are all part of one plan: a declaration of war against nature and humanity.

We are finding a commonality of resistance to this brutal intervention across an ever widening field of human expression.

The pace of another sort of change is quickening. Antonio Guterres (WHO) announces the desperate need for further ‘Stop Global Warming’ measures, leading to the need to bring forward the ‘Net Zero’ deadline to 2040. He and his henchmen are clearly rattled by the rising tide of awareness and push-back.

‘We the people’ are rising inexorably. Spring is breaking through the waning grip of Winter.

Push-on we will, for the challenge we are confronting has a liberating effect on our souls and on our passion for the manifestation of a life based on Truth.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist. He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ See

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.


[1] The recently uncovered evidence that the US Department of Defense financed the production of the mRNA GM ‘vaccine’ subsequently rolled out by the corporate pharmaceutical industry.

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