Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Global Social Media Revolution


You may not have really noticed but thanks to the globalization of the cell phone. just about anyone now has access to social media.

what this means is that we are all learning to extend the concept of personal community to just about anyone regardless of race creed or color.  This is completely huge and it is an unintended consequence of the cell phone.

In the past we had natural communities with their own mores.  with utrbanization we evolved virtual natural communities as well. now we have digitalized communities so this is huge and again it is unseen, just as virtual communities in town and city.

what this does mean is that racism itself became utterly irrelevant and passe.  You can have black or white or chinese or Indian contacts open to you developing a freindship.  It is happening  and i am hardly an early adoptee here.  however it all comes about ,we can share good will all over the world.

This can completely revolutionize our entire global culture.  This means i can be welcome in the home of anyone on Earth.  what is wrong about that?

And seriously we can all learn enough english to comm anyone by text.  in fact our translation tools can carry us along nicely with any stranger.  we are really there.

Better yet, why do we not link up with a stranger and actually email him or her Ten dollars, just because you can.  Tell them it is a gift of friendship freely given.  If he feels inspired ask him or her to email someone else and share the confirm back to you  now you have a new friend for sure.

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