Monday, May 22, 2023

An Excellent Green Energy Proposal From France

without question we have been seeing the implimentation of government green capital investment programs all through the developed world and what is wrong is that our desires are starting to run ahead of our science and even plausible solutions.

So a pause is actually good.  Just to let our EV program to fully mature. We are talking about a decade here.  The EV is a tech revolution already well along but really needs to be perfected.  This means a preheating and precooling tech to do well. that could be a simple propane solution.

We also need to think out the whole wind system which can be put offshore if it also supports base reefs as well.  There are lots of addons to all energy solutions we have been ignoring.

An Excellent Green Energy Proposal From France, President Biden Should Pay Attention

05-18-2023 •, By Mish

'Regulatory Break' in Green Laws to Help Industry

I am not accustomed to seeing good proposals from France, but here goes: Macron Calls for 'Regulatory Break' in Green Laws to Help Industry

Addressing a crowd of industrialists at the Élysée Palace on Thursday, Macron presented the pillars of the future French "green industry" law.

To speed up industrial processes and achieve the objectives already set, Macron called for "a European regulatory pause" on environmental constraints.

"We are implementing what we have decided, but we must stop adding to it," the president said in a speech on Thursday.

"The risk we run is, basically, of being the best performers in terms of regulation and the worst performers in terms of financing," he added.

Reaching the targets already set at EU level "requires a certain stability so that our companies can plan ahead", Industry Minister Roland Lescure told EURACTIV France.

Macron Calls for a Green 'Pause'

The Wall Street Journal reports Macron Calls for a Green 'Pause'

These are strange days when even Europe is starting to doubt the wisdom of its green agenda. Witness a speech last week by French President Emmanuel Macron in which he suggested that Europe may already have enough environmental regulation and doesn't need more. Sacre bleu!

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