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National Citizens Inquiry: Canada’s Response to COVID-19

The fun begins and a whole range of outright fraud is going in front of judges. once aghain we will discover the value of hte nuremburg defence of just following orders master.

this can become a global movement because it is obvious to all that it was a commercial fraud top to bottom.

The monster global organizations who perped it all need to be broken up at  the least.  again this looks like another beginning and we will discover just what rights the people have.

National Citizens Inquiry: Canada’s Response to COVID-19

Global Research, May 13, 2023

Region: Canada

“I was fired! After 31 years as an emergency room physician with not one single patient complaint against me those 31 years! I was fired! For saying that somebody who had natural immunity didn’t need to be vaccinated against the disease to which they were already immune…”

– Dr Charles Hoffe, at the National Citizens Inquiry (May 3, 2023)


It finally happened! Just last Friday, after more than three years of difficult policies for the public to have to deal with, World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus transmitted the advice from the committee regarding the Coronavirus 2019 pandemic, with which he fully concurred, that stated that COVID-19, which is still an ongoing health concern “is no longer constitutes a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC).” [1]

The time has come to finally look at the pandemic in the rear-view mirror and assess whether or not mistakes had been made. Also to ascertain how the response to the virus could have been executed better with more success to saving lives and less instances of assaults on our comforts, our economies and even our civil liberties.

In Canada, such a review has already begun. It has been in the making since 2021 after unprecedented policies in response to the disease were developed. Since November of last year, the National Citizens’ Inquiry was officially launched and announced by the one time Leader of the Official Opposition Preston Manning. [2]

As of the time this article is being published, there have so far been hearings in six cities, and Quebec is holding the seventh set of hearings before it wraps up in Ottawa a week from now. [3]

These hearings are questioning the safety of the vaccines, the lockdown measures, the legislation restricting human freedoms throughout the worst of the pandemic – basically EVERYTHING Global Research has been raising awareness of from the very beginning of this macabre circus.

Naturally, with one or two rare exceptions, these hearings are totally ignored by mainstream media! Or perhaps mocked. While it may be understandable that some people question the idea that this is indeed an unbiased authentic citizens’ inquiry, this producer still sees great value in hearing the perspectives of individuals presenting, both experts in medicine, law, embalmers, and economists, as well as regular folks who claimed their lives were in some cases ruined by the lockdown/vaccines/social distancing measures.

What is more, the voices heard, or about to be heard include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Patrick Phillips, lawyer Bruce Pardy, former CBC investigative journalist Rodney Palmer, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Mark Trozzi, Jessica Rose, Environmental toxicologist Professor Magda Havas, researcher Deanna McLeod, expert in Emergency Management Agencies David Redman, Former Ontario Public Health Officer Dr. Richard Schabas, family physician from British Columbia Dr. Charles Hoffe, Physicist, Researcher at the Ontario Civil Liberties Association and COVID researcher Dr. Denis Rancourt, physician, professor and microbiologist Dr. Didier Raoult, Prof Michel Chossudovsky of Global Research, and many, many more!

The focus of this week’s instalment of the Global Research News Hour is to air some clips from the Inquiry Hearings to date. Our choices include Dr. Charles Hoffe’s report and the punitive measures he suffered as a result, and also a report on the media by a former CBC correspondent Rodney Palmer. We will play clips from two lay speakers suffering persecution as a result of the measures, and we will feature an interview with NCI spokesperson Michelle Leduc Catlin.

Anyone who would like to hear the proceedings for themselves may consult the many videos of the Inquiry on Rumble. Longer versions of the testimonies presented on our radio program are enclosed below.

Dr. Charles Hoffe is a family physician and an emergency medical doctor who had worked in Lytton, BC for 31 years.

Rodney Palmer was a former correspondent for CBC, CTV, and the Globe and Mail. His work included reports about the SARS pandemic twenty years ago.

Marjaleena Repo is an activist and environmentalist as well as the campaign manager and senior advisor for David Orchard’s PC leadership campaign.

Dan Hartman is a trucker working in Ontario.

Michelle Leduc Catlin is the spokesperson for the National Citizens’ Inquiry into Canada’s Response to COVID-19.

(Global Research News Hour Episode 391)

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