Thursday, May 25, 2023

Seven League Boots


Seven League Boots

So what may be possible if we are able to produce wormholes at will.  First though, a convenient wormhole produced at source will be hanging out there somewhere and the potential for a bad ending is obvious.

The other problem though is the actual distance,  Because the earth is spinning the applied vector at the end of the step will be real.  The shorter the trip, the less this problem will be.  It is completely plausible that a 21 mile wormhole trip in any given direction would be safe enough.

It is reasonable then that we have fixed trips set up 21 miles apart and completely predictable.  it is then no trick to set up long travel routes in 21 mile steps, again in any direction.  obvious we have a pause at each step in which one then steps into another wormhole.

Thus the lengend of those boots surely tells us that the boots allow stepping into the wormhole itself which also makes plenty of sense.  The god also wore a helmet which was likely a faraday cage.  i would sure want one.

As I have posted, the whole pantheon of the Greeks is about human beings living a god like existence and likely related to the the Atlantean empire ( 2400 BC to 1159 BC ) or alternately ante - diluvian or pre 12900 BP when we had modernity at the least leading up to the Pleistocene Nonconformity..

A captive dijin who can bend time and space could hardly describe a wormhole better.

Sensibly, we can place transfer stations easily enough along the ocean bottom to make shortest routes possible.

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