Friday, May 12, 2023

Stay Off-Grid Longer with these Hacks

This is of course, the big problem for anyone stepping of and on the grid or simply wanting to.  plenty of practical advice and yes, you need to be comfortable with wires and circuits or enough so to get by.  I will add that this is a great introduction to what is needed and should stop you from blowing up gear.

If you learn respect, then you have gained,

The big problem everyone has is that they depend on AC power and running invertors cause you to waste at least half the input energy and they run for hours.

It makes good sense to have an efficient DC battery such as your car and to then run the correct Dc line to your internal charging station. We are already half there with our car systems and setting up an additional batterty pack in the home makes good sense.  actualloy expect an used battery market to spring up.

This is a new market for skilled technitions who can do what5 this guy does.

Stay Off-Grid Longer with these Hacks - How I converted our "On-Grid" electric devices to run on DC power and ditch the losses of your inverter. 

I show how we've converted Laptops, 3D printers, Camera Equipment, Dyson Vaccum, and more, Ditching the Power Brick and Inverter Losses and using more efficient DC-to-DC converters. 

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Stuff I've used in this video... 🔗 

10 Pack of LM2956 Step Down Converters 🔗 

5 Volt - 5 Amp Step Down Converter 🔗 
12 Volt - 12 Amp Regulator Used on our NAS, Monitor and Router 🔗 
19 Volt Regulator for Laptops 🔗 
1500-watt Big Boy Boost Converter I use 🔗 
100 Watt USB-C Laptop Charger 🔗 
6 Port QC3.0 96W Fast Car Charger 🔗 
Amass XT60 Connectors, Careful for cheap Fakes!!! 🔗 
MicroStream 250-Lumen EDC Flashlight 🔗 
TS100 Soldering Iron - On Sale!!! 🔗 
My DIY Adjustable Power Supply Chapter Markers: 0:00 

Welcome! 0:22 
What, Where & Why? 1:40 
Our Solar, Batteries & Inverter 2:25 
Powering Components from DC Batteries 4:30 
xamples of DC to DC Converters 6:20 
Running Starlink from DC 6:42 
MoFi 5500 LTE Router from DC 7:24 
Charging Dyson Vacuum from DC 8:05 
Computer Monitor powered from DC 9:23 
Charging Laptop from DC with Boost Converter 10:00 
How to Convert to DC 14:56 
Final testing of the Boost Converter 15:45 
Final Installtion 16:15 
Charging USB-C Laptop from 12 volts 16:58 
Powering our NAS from straight DC 18:36 
Converting the 3D Printer to DC Power Supply 20:35 
UV Water Sterilizer converted to 12-volt Power 21:45 
Dremel Charging from 12-volt 22:29 
12-Volt USB Charge Station 24:42 

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