Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Atlantis Reborn


Placing Atlantis properly into history has been one of my more interesting problems.  The biggest problem was actually expanding my vision to correctly see the actual ocean of direct evidence that exists.

What we do have is three totally good dates to act as bench marks for dead reckoning navigation.

2400 BC

My first is 2400 BC or so.  This date conforms to the building of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Commencement of Mining at Grand Maanan in Wales for copper and commencement of mining for native copper in Leke Superior.  This date has a small error factor of plus or minus whatever carbon dating can give us but not too much.

what it so totally important is that high quality bronze was needed at the Great Pyramid for cutting quality stone and this demanded a high quality sea going trade route.  It also demanded a steady stream of cedar cants from the Levant as well and obviously control of the Mediterranean out of Crete.

all this imfers a sophisticated robust sea going culture centered on the Atlantic. We also suspect that the Huge islands of Atlantis, Lyonese, the Bahamsa and Cuba were all extant as well.  These nicely compare to England, Ireland, France and Japan respectively.  do look at the subsea maps please.

for the next thousand years, the Atlantean culture became global and surely introduced pyramid building anywhere their technical culture took hold.  during this era, they also introduced various bforms of writing as well which culminated in our greek alphabet and also plausibly Chinese ideographs.  Understand that one form preserved language for a century or two until we produced the king James bible in english to lock it down.  The other prserved information such as TCM or traditional chinese medicine.

while the culture became global, command and control never did because it could not.  Even if they used seven league boots, they still could not move armies.

understand also whenever they arrived, they first discovered a village living in the Stoneage and with little to offer commercially except surplus slaves and even that was not too welcome.

I should mention also that these folk all looked like native eastern natives simply because the White tribe dairy industry had not yet taken off yet at all.  That really happened during the Iron Age with steel axes and out of the baltic region as well. and over ran europe and ultimately North and South America in our historic memory.

This Complex Bronze age society using copper ingots as currency lasted until 1159 BC when it abruptly collapsed leaving only independent stand alone trade stations.

I now conjecture that in 1159 BC, the mid atlantic ridge along with the cuban ridge subsided along its whole extent.  This took down Lyonese, Atlantis, the Bahamas plateau and Cuba.  It may well have been in whole or in part, but most likely it was a shearing event that propagated along the whole geological arc and served to bring it all down.

Understand that we had the Ice cap basin steadily rising for most of seven thousands of years and mosty if not all the ice was gone. A slow deep geological correction was taking place and the natural failure point would be along this particular arc. The actual geology hangs together.

1179 BC Trojan war

this date comes out of the starmap in the text. it is real

And the text properly understood also places it all in the Baltic. The community of Troy is in Finland and all the other town names are along the Swedish coast in proper order. We have a long string of war boat making folks in the baltic interfacing with the Bronze age somewhere. What is not happening is that they are not dealing with the concurrent Hittites, Cretan and the Egyptians or the Sea peoples. they are obviously on the distant fringes of something and otherwise safe enough. fish is the obvious food staple. this is worth a close read though.

1159 BC End of Atlantean World. ( Tree rings in Irish Bogs )

One day the Atlantis Arc finally subsided. Few if any survived and this also likely included the so called Greek Gods. Crops failed severely in europe but also lilely on a worldwide scale as we might expect. We certainly know that even the Levant was severely impacted. all this pushed populations trekking south the the meditterranean known as the Doric invasions. These folk overran greece and environs and made it their own. Their seamen sailed the long way around, likely picked up no end of refugees with boats and we have the sea peoples and a pretty good set point for dating egyptian history.

This is a bigger picture. fitting in biblical history is a bit fussy but also not an impossibility at all. many think that the philistines werre Sea Peoples but could easily have been a displaced tribe from the Levant where everyone was simultaneously displaced anyway. Modern Jesish history really begins with king David first and then with the Babylonian Return all pretty well inside 1000 BC to 79 AD..

the Moses story fits well enough inside the preceeding centuries around 1300 BC and has had plenty of speculation. All of which provides enough time to populate the hill country of judea in particular and to establish their city and their king. It must be noted that until the Sea Peoples, that the Atlantean world was very much held at bay either by choice or even conveneience. The Levant were customers but no one was marching at all.

The Atlantean world had a long build up prior to 2400 BC, then it arrived with the big contract that likely made it all truly worldwide. Little incentive until then. all that prehistory went down under the sea in 1159 BC.



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