Saturday, May 6, 2023

Global Population recovery and Expansion.


As I have been posting, properly Terra forming Terra will take at least 100,000,000,000 of us, just for the land and possibly several times all that to also fully optimize the marine environment.  all this is on a fully sustainable basis which we are clearly getting better at.

we now need a proper economic protocol to supoort child bearing by young mothers at the safe rate of four each, likely going from 18 through 26.  this needs to include educational support, childcare support from older women and carreer preparation.  The hard point is that it also needs to be mandated which is obviously difficult to swallow, but also allows choice selection for the men to be addressed quite differently

After all, men can earn credits based on work performance, education performance and also behavior.  Criminals get cut out and this is a huge disincentive for bad behavior.  Real marriage can then be postponed until the age of thirty and perhaps woven in with some biological offspring.

We have proven that the last fifty years is a somewhat failed experiment in terms of child production and even child care.  We certainly cannot leave it where it is.

I use the number four because it is certain to expand the population.  Once an optimal size is achieved, it is no trick to drop the mandate to three and put it under the control of a natural community.

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