Friday, May 5, 2023

Our particle ocean


NNP neutral neutron pair

NEeP neutral electron pair

Here is what seems impossible, but our gravity wells actually pack up our NNPs.  Yet it is plausible that they are actively formed from the general photon flux all through space and that surely includes inter galactic space.  The actual packing takes place right here.

Natural spacing for these NNPs will be much closer that our comparable elements and hydrogen.  Afte all those have electron orbitals and this scopes out its own significant volume.  At the same time a conglomeration of NNPs able to say decay into say silica will be possibly smaller that the descendent element.  At the same time, they are sticky but at a very low level as compared to out elements which we experience.

we live in an ocean of these NNPs and they all live in another ocean of NEPs (neutral electron pairs) scalled way smaller and of course an ocean of neutral neutrinos as well all scaled deeper still.  None of these are particularly sticky, but will line up and then lock up if not disturbed by a photon.

The key thing to understand is that all matter that we detect is a decay product of some sort and the process is glacial.  We actually knew that from the neutron neutron to neutron proton decay that forms free hydrogen.  The half life is huge but still real and that matches the age of our Galaxy as well.

Cloud cosmology is able to construct step by step from the act of creation to the natural production of an NNP from NEPs From NNePs.  they are acting along axis to be sticky.  Yet with over two thousand axis, a NNP can be easily seen as a semi continous field that may be modeled by field equations. I should also mention that an axis has 3d dimensionality because infinity is empirical.

What is clear now is that the universe we percieve can only exist as a decay product from the third stage of matter.  

it is only at this level that we get a consistent material universe that we can work with.  A further though is that NEPs decay as well but produce cosmic rays and our background microwave radiation.

The first ACT of creation produces the SPACE TIME Pendulum which also creates TIME.  This is a neutral neutrino Pair as well.

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