Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Solar Crust


The solar crust.

what we know is that the surface is around the temperature of all our elements at their maximum for molten material. I also presume pressure matters.  At the same time, the core is outputting a steady supply of likely Neutral Neutron Pairs from what will look like an inner sun.  This passes easily through such naturally expanded material such as the crust while sieving out decayed conglomerates or elements in the crust.

the surface then aloows the NNPs to decay to mostly Hydrogen while the pressure carries it all away as the solar wind.  this also takes the heat, just as happens with a candle.  thus we have the hyper hot solar corona..

so far we easily match up with the observed data.

Understand our observed data has no good explanation and our scholarship has as usual simply ignored it all.  conversion of NNPs to hydrogen must produce heat, a larger scaled nuclei and an obviously larger hygrogen atom once it picks up an electron while also radiating a photon.

It is thus reasonable to think of all our stars as crustal rather like our own Earth which could follow hte same system of creation.

Is it possible that the asteroid belt represents the breakup of such a crust in the orbit of Jupiter and that the core then dropped down to form the planet of Venus which clearly has a cooling crust which is unique to our solar system?  We are certainly operating toward stability limits around Jupiter and hte implied math could work..

This is an alternative explanation for Venus that is much easier than Jupiter successfully ejecting any matter.  once you start thinking with this protocol, a lot of nifty outcomes are then plausible.  again the evidence at hand supports is and such a break up would leave the crust mostly behind while venus would seek a new natural and stable orbit.  this is kepler's observation as well on proportions.

Understand that long before we had nuclear physics, scholars only understood the possibility of a molten surface from what they knew.  It was an obvious problem, but nuclear only solved the energetics problem.  Just as the Big Bang converted nuclear into a process, but did nothing to discouver the act of creation.  Yet everything has a real time line.


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