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Sea Raiders in Nordic Bronze Age Rock Art

What this provides is confirmation that long boat seafaring existed in the North SEa during the Bronze Age as I have conjectured in my posts.  This was necessary to explain both the Sea Peoples and the Baltic Tojan War that then led to the 1159 BC disintegration of the European Bronze Age and also the doric invasions of Greece from the Baltic.

Understand that the Trojan War was in the Baltic in 1179 BC  and the Oddessy was an exploration of the now Norwegan coast.  This was a generation before the folk movement after crop failure in 1159 BC which lasted a full generation and also ended the global Atlanten world as well.  See book by DaVinci for textual evidence.

At least we now know that they had the technology then ultimately made famous with the vikings and the creation and settlement of the Russ et all..

Sea Raiders in Nordic Bronze Age Rock Art

29 Aug 2021

Prehistoric Scandinavian rock art displays scenes of warriors and long, narrow boats. Are these figures showing some kind of Bronze Age Vikings? The world famous ancient petroglyphs in Sweden, dating to the Nordic Bronze Age, portray a world of sword-wielding warriors and their ships. But these figures - holding aloft axes and spears and shields - are usually said to be carrying out rituals, not warfare. Is that true? Are there any scenes of violence here amongst the thousands of weapon-bearers? If this is about ritual then what were the rituals for? And what can all this tell us about the lives of these seaborne Nordic warriors who lived 3500 years ago?

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