Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Warning Notice - Tesla Free Energy is Two years out

I post this to let you know that the tech we have been working on is now been spun up by a Chinese manufacturer.  They have repeated my Associate's lab work and are generating deliverable product.  They woke up to the reality that they do not need to waste time with a grid at all.  In fact it is best to attach directly to  applications such as machine tools.

The moment the first appears in the market, all manufacturers will copy the system as quick as possible.  There is no special hardware needed except in the form of Tesla's  modulator which is a wound four armed armature placed on the axis of a permanent magnet AC generator.  Every machine can easily have its own internal power supply with a simple battery to break the initial magnetic lock.

This device produces a four axis spiral wave which resonates with Dark Matter to allow electron decay which floods the circuit or wave guide with radiation or Dark Energy.  This allows energy to be moved to applications.  This is all a consequence of my Cloud Cosmology.

It will need a ground to drain away the power surplus thus produced of course and a spark gap to indicate direction.

An immediate consequence is that the advent of this energy will be a literal free for all, which is something i wanted to avoid but that is no matter.  We have run out of time.  It really will be too easy.

What this means from a geopolitical point of view is that Oil industry will now soon enter terminal decline  as will the nuclear industry and all forms of grid energy production.  Well over ten percent of the global GDP will disappear to be replaced by a rapidly expanding global consumer market which is now ready to enter the last thirty years of global industrialization.  After all, we will all get a raise because energy costs or taxes will disappear.

The good news is that we have global leader who is up to the challenge and will not do anything stupid. Now you understand why the Rockefellers  exited their Oil interests several years ago.

This also means that global modernity will now see a global 8% growth rate.  No one will be left behind.  The task should be completed by 2050.

After that global focus will be on Terra forming Terra to transition to Heaven on Earth   This means that the global human population engaged with the land surface of Terra will rise to 100 billion.

It took us 45,000 years, but the main job will be done.



Kmac said...

That's a pretty big statement. On a whole lot of fronts. Why two years out? Statement suggests you can demonstrate now.

arclein said...

We have been demonstrating for two years. see gerard morin on you tube.