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FDA hid glyphosate findings from the public after finding weed killer contamination in nearly ALL food

Image: FDA hid glyphosate findings from the public after finding weed killer contamination in nearly ALL food

It is worse than we ever imagined and this establishes a clear biological pathway for a steady diet of the pesticide into our bodies. This is not random exposure folks, this is chronic poisoning at below obviously toxic levels of a substance that is not eliminated.

Secondly we also now know that it does accumulate in the body.  Hopefully, it is in the skin allowing sweating to pull it out.

This all obviously need to be seriously investigated and not by the industry who lied from theget go.

FDA hid glyphosate findings from the public after finding weed killer contamination in nearly ALL food
How the FDA buried its findings while food consumers continued to eat cancer-linked weed killer chemicals

(Natural News) Shocking internal emails, uncovered via the Freedom of Information Act, have revealed yet another scandal: The FDA knew that the toxic weed killer, glyphosate, was contaminating the U.S. food supply — and ignored the dangerous threat posed to American consumers. Apparently, the finding of glyphosate in heavily consumed products like granola bars and corn is of no concern to FDA officials; supervisors have reportedly declared that the glyphosate present in these items doesn’t count because they aren’t part of the agency’s “official” report.

Science be damned; the federal government has a report to write — and now, some are wondering if perhaps somebody, somewhere has already told them what to put in it.

For decades, the FDA has been responsible for testing food samples to ensure that specific quality standards are met. This includes monitoring foods for illegally high amounts of pesticide residues. Until recently, however, the FDA had not been testing for glyphosate residues — a fact that drew much scrutiny from the Government Accountability Office, as well as consumer watchdog organizations.

Glyphosate in and of itself has drawn a lot of criticism, due to its litany of adverse effects on human health and the environment.  The star ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup came under fire in 2015, after the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that glyphosate was a “probable carcinogen.”  Some research has shown that increasing use of this pesticide may be contributing to the rapid decline of bee populations, as well.

Now a string of emails from the FDA show that multiple FDA scientists have found concerning levels of glyphosate residue in everyday foods. In separate investigations, chemists Richard Thompson and Narong Chamkasem found traces of glyphosate that exceeded legal amounts in different foods.

In one email, Thompson wrote to his colleagues, “I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal and corn meal from home and there’s a fair amount in all of them,” and noted that only his broccoli sample seemed to be free of glyphosate.

Chamkasem’s findings were similar, with the chemist noting that there were exceptionally high amounts of glyphosate residue in corn. In an internal FDA email, Chamkasem reported that they had detected glyphosate in corn at 6.5 parts per million, while the legal limit is 5.0 ppm.

“These emails shatter any remaining faith in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration operating as some sort of defender of public health,” explained Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, founder of CWC Labs and author of Food Forensics. “The fact that the FDA deliberately withheld these alarming findings from the public speaks volumes about the real motivations of this failed agency,” Adams added. “It’s clear to every scientifically-minded person that the FDA goes out of its way to hide the truth about agricultural chemicals in the food supply, most likely to protect the financial interests of chemical pesticide and herbicide corporations which wield tremendous influence over government regulators.”

Perhaps what’s most concerning about this is that a supervisor at the FDA essentially waved off this finding. Normally, The Guardian explains, a finding like this is reported to the EPA. However, an FDA supervisor wrote to an EPA official, declaring that the corn tested by Chamkasem was not an “official” sample.

Chamkasem also reportedly uncovered glyphosate residues in oatmeal products and honey in 2016. FDA documents show that after announcing these findings, Chamkasem’s lab was “reassigned to other programs” and the entire investigation was actually suspended temporarily. Again, the FDA declared that these items were not part of their glyphosate residue review.

The fact that foods like wheat and oats are not part of the FDA review is actually highly concerning, as it’s become well-known that farmers use glyphosate as a desiccant. Wheat, oats and other foods are commonly sprayed with glyphosate late in the season to hasten the harvesting process. So, there’s plenty of reason to suspect these foods are also contaminated, even if they aren’t supposed to be treated with glyphosate.

But sadly, as The Guardian notes further, it seems unlikely that either Thompson’s or Chamkasem’s findings will be included in the official FDA report. When asked about glyphosate testing, an FDA spokesperson reportedly stated that “the FDA had not found any illegal levels in corn, soy, milk or eggs, the four commodities it considers part of its glyphosate ‘special assignment.’ The “unofficial findings” from the emails were not addressed.

As usual, big government operates on its own agenda — who is going to hold these people accountable? Read more news on glyphosate at

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by Debra Lynn Dadd | Feb 29, 2016 | Q & A |

More and more in the past few weeks stories are coming out about glyphosate contamination in one product after another.

In October 2015, I wrote a post on my Toxic Free Body blog called “Glyphosate Detox: How to Remove Roundup From Your Body.” Since that blog is no longer available, I want to repost portions of it here, in light of recent events.

We can’t avoid glyphosate by only avoiding GMO’s—it’s now found in organic grains and who knows where else. We only know it’s in organic grains because grains have been tested. Glyphosate is applied by aerial spraying. It can drift to organic produce just as easily as organic grains. It may be more widespread than we know.

The way to survive all this exposure to toxic chemicals is to assist your body’s detox system, which is very overloaded. The two approaches are to 1) support your detox organs (liver/intesties and kidneys in particular, or to do things that remove toxics directly, such as taking liquid zeolite or spend time in a sauna.

The difficulty in choosing a detox for a particular substance is that you need to pick a detox that matches the characteristics the the toxic substance you are wanting to remove.

I searched on “glyphosate detox” and found a number of posts that were just way off track.

So I thought I would give my viewpoint on this.

First, glyphosate is accumulating in our bodies.

A Friends of the Earth Europe study done in 2013 tested urine samples from people in 18 countries for glyphosate. The results showed that traces of the chemical were found in samples from all countries, with 44 per cent of samples found to contain glyphosate on average.

Then a 2014 study showed glyphosate levels in mother’s breast milk 700 times higher than the maximum contaminant level (MCL) set for glyphosate by EPA.

However, the safe limit set by EPA was based on biotech theory that glyphosate would not bio-accumulate in human’s tissue. Yet clearly it does when actually measured.

Friends of the Earth Europe says, “Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) is a systemic, broad-spectrum herbicide, that works by blocking an enzyme used to make protein in plants. This means it is toxic to any plant that has not been genetically modified to resist it.”

Hmmm. What about humans who have not been genetically modified to resist it?

The only method of detox I know of that will remove herbicides is sauna. Your body will sweat it out.

I’ve also seen some evidence that probiotics will help restore your gut microbiome that gets destroyed by glyphosate. That makes sense to me.

You can get a glyphosate urine test at The Detox Project.

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