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Flying Triangles

This is a history of the triangular UFO and it is far longer than i had supposed.

However, the craft became a gravity ship around 1980 and that changed everything.  The present day craft is far too nimble to be anything else.

This then is a list of known sightings colored by the wrong assumptions around the physics.


Special Projects

Flying Triangles

Fifty years ago (March 7, 1971), a prototype of a new class of aircraft, so odd-shaped that John McPhee of The New Yorker dubbed it the “Deltoid Pumpkin Seed” completed its one and only successful test flight at the FAA Test Center in New Jersey. The craft was an early attempt at a hybrid airship that would rely on both an aerodynamic shape and internal helium to lift heavy cargo loads at low cost, and into remote areas where large cargo planes could not land.

The aircraft was intended as a forerunner of much larger craft thatwould contain helium; these designs were dubbed “Dynairships.” One proposal, the AEREON 340, was to have been 340 feet (100 m) long, with a wingspan of 256 feet (78 m) and total lift of 400,000 pounds (180,000 kg). Powered by four 5,500 horsepower Rolls-Royce Tyne turboprop engines, it was claimed to be capable of carrying intermodal containers or semi-trailers, operating slightly heavier than air. A patent for “a cargo-carrying air ship comprising a gas-filled, low aspect ratio deltoid wing” was granted in 1969; according to this patent, “extremely large ships, having lengths in excess of 1,000 feet (300 m)” and capable of economically transporting “large payloads, ranging up to 1,000 long tons or more” over long distances, were feasible.

Generally, the craft are flown at night and kept in hangars or underground. There are legitimate needs for secrecy. A series of low flying black or dark grey triangles have been flying over the US and UK for several decades. They have generated thousands of reports. They generally fly well below the flight level of normal commercial aircraft. They may alien or a copy of alien craft. Some craft fly only a few feet above the trees or buildings. Numerous reports claim the craft

The craft are a dull, non-reflective dark grey color, without visible markings, (they have ID’s that respond to the proper RF interrogation, similar to the old IFF systems) and they are flown at night. It is likely the intial pumpkin seed design was upgraded and large triangle craft were built. The intial designs were

“David” in the UK writes at last we have more proof that Black Triangles are likely ours. The British military have had large triangles on test flights around the UK and Europe for the past 10 years according to my data, remember the Belgium sighting from the early 90’s and countless others?. Black Triangles are Top Secret and Classified and according to the NEXUS Magazine there D Notices, (i.e they do not exist in the interest of national security the UK media will not report any sightings of triangles. I believe that triangles will eventually become Grey projects in time, just as the stealth bomber has become de-classified as a grey project, so black triangles will also be. They are often seen in South Cumbria around the Morecombe Bay area, and over various coastal Nuclear Powere Stations.


The Aereon Lifting body is one of a series of black triangle aircraft operating in the US and UK inventory. The larger platforms are lighter-than-air vehicles that use the latest composite materials in construction to reduce their radar image. They are used for Airborne Warning and Control systems, reconnaissance, the covert insertion of troops and airlift of classified materials. Similar craft such as the Aereon 340, Aereon 26, etc., were on the drawing board in the 1960s. US Patent 3,761,041 shows a lifting body that was designed to carry large bulky loads such as large phased array radars similar that mounted in Aegis class ships. Small piloted experimental aircraft were test-flown at Atlantic City Airport before the whole thing was covered up.

Although Aereon appeared to develop the original patents and ideas they do not appear to have been given the contract for building the actual aircraft. I was shown video of the early successful flights of the Aereon craft by the President William Miller. Work undertaken by various experts was classified in 1976/7.

It is believed some of the advantages of the Navy’s Aegis system were incorporated into the Aereon lifting body. The photos of how the Aegis system looks at the Lockheed Martin Combat System Engineering Plant, in Moorestown, New Jersey. This system is normally mounted on a Navy destroyers and cruisers. The Aereon craft could be used by the military to handle exceptionally large amounts of cargo, fuel, or a huge, horizontal triangular phased-array radar antennas (somewhat like an airborne version of the “Pave Paws” ballistic missile detection radar). The is kept in the air by multiple internal helium balloonets and powered by quiet ducted turboprops. Based on eye witness description near Pine Bush, New York the craft seems to be composed of numerous squares of triangular shaped balloons or blimp like structures. Sometimes a superstructure similar to a large ship is observed rising above the main bulk of the craft. Several up close observers such as Ellen Crystal stated the ship was measured sixty feet on each side of the triangle and was bristling with antennas.

Ellen Crystal’s drawings of craft seen near Pine Bush, NY. Dr. Ellen Crystall claims in her 1991 book, Silent Invasion, that she detected evidence for an underground alien base near Pine Bush, NY. .

AEREON Lifting Bodies flying triangle craft are one of the most frequent UFO shapes sighted in recent years. Detailed identifications of these craft indicate one or more is in continuous operation in various parts of the world. In the mid 1980s they were most frequently spotted in the Hudson Valley of the Northeastern part of the United States. In the late 1980s, the area of operation appeared to move to Belgium, in the 90s the sightings occurred mostly over the southeastern coast of England and the North Sea. A black triangle was spotted hovering over Mohonk Mountain Resort New Paltz, NY in November 6, 1998, by several employees of the resort. This craft appears to operate in Canada and the Northeastern part of the US. There have been no announcements by any nation claiming that these large V-shaped craft belong to them.

One possibility is that they deliberately designed the craft to be stealth like by making the craft look like an UFO, so nobody takes the matter seriously. Ridicule and refusal by the news media to publish these stories work to keep the craft secret. The craft can do what they want over populated areas due to the very nature of their appearance. The movement near the Hudson Valley and along the East Coast of England infers these crafts have a long range radar capability. Because it is continually moving enemy forces would have a difficult time targeting its location.

Witnesses report the craft to be black, with white lights at each corner and a red light in the middle. The craft is said to be larger than the width of a super highway, sometimes as large as a football field and either completely silent or accompanied by a faint hum. The craft hover or travel at a very slow speed, 45 mph or less, a speed that would seem incapable of keeping the object airborne. The craft has also been reported to have a phenomenal acceleration, disappearing from over-head to out-of-sight in a few seconds! Sometimes the object ‘blinks out’ and just disappears. The object may carry missiles and other devices to fool the observer.

The earliest reliable witness to these craft occurred Norm Buckallew was at a drive in movie in the summer of 1968. His eye caught a huge object coming from the south east in a brightly lit sky. The full moon made it stand out like a neon sign. He threw the speaker out the window and got in gear, to the complete surprise and quick complaints of my friend. Off we sped, in my 65 Corvair following the highway for seven miles as it drifted slowly along, not going over 40-45 miles an hour the entire time we followed watching it.

We stopped and watched this huge thing glide over us without sound. Its size caused goose bumps to travel up and down my spine. What was this huge black object? It looked like a pyramid. The total size would be about two blocks wide at its rear end, it was a good fifteen to twenty feet thick with rounded edges. There was no sign of any engines at all and no outside lights. However. Along the side toward us we could see clearly a row of windows with a yellow light emitting from them. We could also see figures moving around inside looking out the windows at the ground. There was quite a number of them. We could make out no features but, they had heads, torso, arms and legs like our own. This huge silent craft sounds exactly like what was seen all over Arizona, I know for a fact this was no normal air plane. Its altitude was about 800 feet as it passed over their heads. I have seen UFOs all my life, this was the largest I ever saw and the slowest.

The craft was hovering over large buildings, such as a church in Belgium, and homes in the Northeast. The witnesses agree that the craft is exceptionally large, bigger than any known aircraft. One of the largest aircraft in the world C-5s regularly operate over the Hudson Valley and are based at Stewart Air National Guard Base. Witnesses claim these FT craft are two to five times larger than the C-5 whose wingspan is 223 feet and length is 248 feet. If we double the size of the flying triangle it has roughly both a wingspan and fuselage length of 500 feet. The solid deltoid wing shape obviously it would make it appear as a huge and massive craft. Some estimates imply a thousand foot wing span. Several photos have surfaced that indicate a large triangle with rounded corners at the alleged wing tips.

I met with William Miller the President of Aereon and had him speak to our Air Force Association Group. He showed our group video of the development and flight of his experimental craft. He indicated his company had developed several patents for this kind of technology. One of them, incredibly, was for a huge, triangular, lighter-than air AWACS (Airborne Warning and Control System) carrying giant phased-array radar antennas, based on the old Aereon lifting-body design and powered by turboprops! They apparently have received limited funding in the past from the Air Force, but he assured me they had not built the craft in the photos and drawings. They are simply called lifting bodies.

They are often seen in the general vicinity of Stewart Airport near Newburg, New York, and Westover Air Force Base in Massachusetts. There is speculation that a secret base is somewhere in the Catskills or atFort Drum in northwestern, New York. They are seen as far south as Georgia and Florida. The craft seem to move along a low level military corridor in the Appalachian Mountains. The secrecy may be related to violation of SALT treaty provisions or hopes of keeping the aircraft secret until needed. There were also intriguing reports of “slow-moving triangles” near the military flight test center at Edwards AFB, CA in this period.

I have detailed knowledge of the close encounter between UFOs and Belgian F16’s in March 1990. It was recorded on radar tape that one of the unknowns accelerated to 40 Gs. This is claimed to be clear cut evidence for the ET origin of this vehicle, because terrestrial craft fighters have a maximum acceleration capacity of about 10 Gs. An aircraft that can carry unusually large radars, would likely also be able to send out radar signals they may have fooled the Belgian F-16s into thinking it was taking high G evasive action.

The craft may have perfected a unique camouflage system. The skin of the craft could change color to mimic the sky or ground on its reverse side. A large slow moving, low flying craft would be very vulnerable to enemy action and need both camouflage and stealth operation. The large size of the craft indicates it would need a crew of fifteen to twenty operate the various functions such as radar, take off and landing, cargo, navigation, etc. New composites and plastics can be made clear, or designed to change color with light. An effective camouflage technique is to provide enough light to an object so that it has the same amount of light has the background. During daylight an object can be made almost invisible by simply flooding it with enough light to match the sky, either from within or by bathing light on the exterior. Lights can be switched off and on causing the craft to appear and disappear as by magic. My wife and I happened to see six lights moving in unison over Marlton, NJ. I gave chase in my car reaching speeds of 60 mph. It out distanced us flying towards Philadelphia. It was dusk and an overcast day, we could clearly see the lights but no structure. The lights were either flying formation in a roughly triangle shape or they were attached to an object that neither of us could see. I have tried to determine the technology to hide an aircraft. Additionally, this craft would need to hide from the prying eyes of satellites and enemy fighters. Flying slow and low changing its colors to match the terrain below it, the craft would appear virtually invisible from above. During night time operations it could use small lights to look like stars. However, the Aereon at night is often are described using three very bright spotlights, shinning down on the ground. Often a large red light is also described either in the nose or the center of the craft. This may be a device to pump hot air into the craft similar to what is used on hot air balloons. During peace time night operations the greatest danger to this craft would come from mid-air collisions. Consequently, the bright lights are used to avoid collision but also to appear from out of this world.

If a Third World War should break out in Europe, most long range radars would be destroyed in the initial minutes of the war. Lockheed Martin Corporation and others have designed this type of equipment for use on Aegis Class destroyers and cruisers. The Aereon may have been designed to carry this relatively large and bulky equipment. To accomplish this task a different type of aircraft was needed. Generally Airborne Warning and Control aircraft have a limited 250 mile range radar. With rapidly increased fighter and bomber air speeds, a moveable very long range radar was needed for increased survivability, surveillance and to control defense applications. Additionally, solid-state Radar was needed for detection and tracking of tactical ballistic missiles and cueing for defensive missile systems. Additionally, defense is needed against attacking fighters, helicopters and ground fired weapons. New 3-D radars with L-band operating frequency could provide superior detection performance on all types of targets and improved detection in all types of weather. Both a fixed radar site and high flying AWACs aircraft are relatively vulnerable. Communication with satellite data links and air defense units would be needed to control the actual battle. Daylight operation would be the most dangerous to a blimp like aircraft. It could hide among the radar ground clutter or be built of stealth materials that are not easily detected on radar. The craft may be equipped for modern battlefield needs, command flexibility, and reliable detection of rotary wing and fighter threats. A short range air defense system, anti-aircraft missiles and high velocity weapons may be installed for point defense. A sophisticated radar system may be installed to detect, classify, and track distant targets The craft is likely equipped with advanced countermeasures (ECCM). The radar should be able to simultaneously monitor and track more than 20,000 targets. The Aereon because of its size and lift capability provides both mobility and survivability.


typical night for the Aereon Lifting Body is to travel around Southeastern England, moving among the three Nuclear Power Stations at Sizewell in Suffolk, Bradwell in Essex and Dungeness Nuclear Power Plant in Kent. These plants are watched closely due to thier importance to the British Electrical power grid and large easily spotted chimneys. During 1996 and 97 there were almost nightly visits to the vicinity of these power plants. This may be accidental due to the fact any craft moving along the Eastern coast would eventually cross near these plants.

British aviation enthusiasts point out that these craft operate near known military bases. It is interesting the Soviets have built a similar blimp like disc shape craft. This craft appears to be some 400 feet in diameter and may be used for carrying large amounts of crude oil. The large number of sightings suggest these craft are man made. It is likely that they operate with NATO forces and may be an upgraded long range Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center (ABCCC). They may also perform an anti tactical missile role. They seem to operate along the Appalachian Mountains mostly in the northeast and in England.


There is likely a hypersonic version operating a speeds above 5 times the speed of sound. The first hard evidence the USAF (or the National Reconnaissance Office) was testing a hypersonic aircraft surfaced in 1990. Strange double-sonic-booms rocked sleeping Californians awake and triggered earth quake detection-equipment. Stealth watchers were quick to catch on and dubbing the booms “skyquakes”. ccording to Jim Mori, a seismologist at the California Institute of Technology, the sonic boom signatures recorded by the 220 seismic sensors, operated by the U.S. Geological Service, emanated from aircraft traveling at high-supersonic speed. Mori also said “Òther frequency and shape of the seismic waves indicated the sonic booms were caused by an aircraft, much smaller than the Space Shuttle, a hypersonic aircraft about the size of an SR-71. At that time the only operational SR-71 was based at Edwards AFB, flown by NASA and was not in the air at the time of the “skyquakes”. On many occasions, the booms came in pairs (minutes apart) suggesting that there was more than one hypersonic aircraft on a test flight at the same time. USGS seismic sensors indicated the craft was over Southern California and into Nevada, on a heading for a landing Groom Lake where much of the Pentagon’s covert technology is tested and based.

Accompanying the skyquakes were multiple sightings of wedged- shaped aircraft all over the United States and abroad. An aircraft with a diamond shaped pattern of lights was seen flying in a formation of F-117s, refueling with a KC-10 tanker over Beale AFB, near Sacramento, California. According to a February 1992 issue of the “Scotsman Sunday Post”, high altitude tests of an American hypersonic aircraft were conducted over the North Atlantic. The mystery aircraft were observed landing at the U.S. Special Forces base at Machrihanish, Scotland. Numerous press reports of loud-roaring- wedge-shaped-aircraft scaring sheep on the Scottish Mull of Kintyre and mysterious fast-moving radar blips speeding above Mach 3 by civilian air traffic controllers in Scotland began filing UK newspapers. In 1989, oil drilling engineer Chris Gibson, an accomplished aircraft observer (having served 12 years with Royal Observer Corp.Õs international aircraft recognition team) witnessed a black- wedge shaped aircraft flying over the North Sea. The aircraft was refueling with a KC-135 tanker and escorted by two F-111 chase planes, reinforcing claims that the aircraft was being based somewhere in the British Isles.

Military insiders say that a project involving a hypersonic reconnaisance aircraft was cancelled in 1993. Other sources say that the project (called Q) became too expensive and considered unfeasible. The Aurora aircraft is said to be in flyable condition (in storage) at the mysterious Groom Lake flight-test facility located inside the Nellis Test Range in Nevada. According to some insiders, one components of the Aurora/Senior Citizen system was not abandoned. A stealthy high-speed reconnaissance drone,

originally launched off the back of “Aurora” (much like the D-21 drone and SR-71 mothership concept) did survive. This is the craft possibly responsible for the strange “donuts-on-a-rope” contrails reported seen over the southwest. In any event, evidence does support that something high-flying and stealthy is still transiting the night skies of the world. The high speed hypersonic Aurora may be an unmanned robotic drone. KC-10 tankers at Mc Guire Air Force Base regularly refuel high performance type aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean.

Triangle preparing to attack in Soviet Draawings

The dissolution of the Soviet Union occurred on December 26, 1991, officially granting self-governing independence to the Republics of the Soviet Union. The following year I met with two Soviet ColoneIs who

Triangle Craft Landed shooting at radar site

claimed the Soviet Union was under attack by triangle craft that were destroying key military facilities through out the country. The Colonels claimed Mikhail Gorbachev had been visited by aliens and threatened the anailation of the Soviet Union if they would not disolve amd remove the threat of nuclear war. President George Herbert Walker Bush senior was in charge and may have set up the historic confrontation. President Bush postponed his university studies, enlisted in the U.S. Navy on his 18th birthday, and became the youngest aviator in the U.S. Navy at the beginning of World War II. He flew am Avenger and was shot down and recoveed to fly another 68 combat missions. He served until September 1945, then attended Yale Univerity. He had later been Director of the Cia and directed a series classified missions. The successful attacks on the Soviet Union were carried out by triangle shaped craft with no markings and brought the Cold War to an end.

North Korea

There has been a sudden change in North Korea’s stance, from bragging they are able to hit the US mainland with a nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles to claiming they are surrendering this capability. In 2017, North Korea under Kim Jong Un overcame technological hurdles to its long quest to build a modern nuclear weapons program, conducting a large underground detonation and test launching at least 17 ballistic missiles. . One or more might be able to reach the US unless knocked down by US antimissile systems. Pyongyang recently said. “Washington was considering a pre-emptive strike against it and the US had moved anti-missile systems, advanced aircraft and ships into the South Korea area.” The U.S.likely started flying high speed triangle aircraft over North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s rogue regime went to China and Russia for support and were basically turned down..

Various bombers were flying along the North Korean border and along the coasts and allegedly their radar was having trouble tracking the B-1 bombers.The US biefed up its forces near the Korean border and likely flew high speed craft over North Korea on fairly routine missions showing Kim Jong Un the US could strike any target at will. Kim Jong Un likely decided peace was better than anilation. He got the world’s attention and President Trump has agreed to meet with him and probably willing to provide finacial help. In rural areas people are poorly fed and undernourished and defections are common.

Kim Jong Un is a basketball fan has a certain fascination with the West and probably wants the best for his people. To help make his decision the North Korea nuclear test site mountain partially collapsed and may be out of action according to a China study under the stress of multiple explosions,.

A controlled explosion in September caused an initial magnitude-6.3 tremor, that is believed to have triggered four more earthquakes over the following weeks. The findings suggest the partial collapse of the mountain that contains the testing tunnels, as well as the risk of radiation leaks, have potentially rendered the site unusable.

The findings could cast doubt on North Korea’s sincerity in announcing last weekend that it would stop testing nuclear weapons. Apparently, playing tough with is what he understands.

In April, B-1Bs flew further north along North Korea’s coast than at any time in the past 17 years. The sortie prompted Pyongyang’s foreign minister to warn that U.S. bombers could be shot down even if they did not enter North Korean airspace.

A satellite image from 13 April 2017 shows North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site. Photograph: HO/AFP

U.S. national security adviser H.R. McMaster said at the weekend the possibility of war was “increasing every day.” He said Trump was prepared to take action against North Korea but was working to convince China, Russia and others to do more to press Pyongyang to get it to give up its weapons programs.”

Appaently with U.S. pressure, Kim Jong Un has decided to at least try a more peaceful position. Trump calls Kim ‘very honourable’ and says North Korea wants summit as soon as possible

March UFO Sightings

March 2018saw a total of 640 UFO sightings reported to the Mutual UFO Network, MUFON from around the world. United States 446, Canada 66, UK 42, France 11, Australia 9, Mexico 7, Brazil and Spain 6.

National UFO Reporting Center by Peter Davenport reports 216 in March

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