Friday, May 25, 2018

Transparent Manta Ray-Shaped UFO

I have a running conjecture that a whole ocean of life forms exist that mostly reside in the stratosphere.  Imagine a slime mold creating a large methane-filled bubble.  This would transport easily into the highest levels of the atmosphere far away from disruptive airflows.

These are also seen in the lower atmosphere as well in normally excellent air conditions with no obvious turbulence.  

What we just had reported here is such a plausible life form.  I do not think it is a flying manta ray and we have had those as well.  The dynamic shape is natural and repeated often.

We are going to have to develop a sensing tech that properly spots them.  They are terribly transparent.

Transparent Manta Ray-Shaped UFO

Manta Ray Shape UFO in Miami, FL, on 9/19/2015 at 8:45pm.

I was outside looking the stars. The night was with no clouds and clear. It was nice for me to see what I can describe as a Manta Ray Shape UFO. It comes from North West to south west. It was transparent, I can see the stars through that. It was huge and moves smoothly.

That Manta has no lights at all, no sound. It has like a gray or white border around the shape and that is the reason I can tell it was like a Manta Ray. Very impressive.

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