Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What are the World's Most Elite Fighting Forces?


Every developed country that has a decent military has found it useful to produce an elite fighting unit able to go far beyond the needs of conventional soldiering.   It is also an excellent way to produce an excellent cadre of leaders for the regular forces as well.

Here is a list of the best out there.  

An amusing side bar is that the Canadian unit is traditionally top secret and that generally means that it does not exist.  The real truth is that giving assistance to an ally covers just about every operation out there, including snipers operating in Vietnam.  We also recently posted that Canadian units had taken down the most Taliban leaders over a protracted period.  These troops remain in top form by been continuously deployed.  That is the only way that they can be in the top ten.

There is enough military pride to go around for all of them and they are the pointy edge that reminds adversaries that real capacity exists.  As well they mostly train as allies and share techniques so none are really too far different from another.

What are the world's most elite fighting forces?

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Here are 15 note worthy forces, in no particular order, based mainly on publications regarding their experience and activities in the past few decades, which arguably comprise the top of the list:

Delta Force

United States Navy SEALs

Green Berets (United States Army Special Forces)


Alpha Group

United Kingdom
SAS - Special Air Service

JTF2 - Joint Task Force 2

Sayeret Matkal

Shayetet 13


EKO Cobra

NGIN National Gendarmerie Intervention Group


SSG - Special Services Group


April 12, 2015 edit:
This is to 15 list based on the following criteria:
    • proven experience over past few decades,
    • capabilities diversity,
    • threshold for entry,
    • and rigorousness of training process.
Also crosschecked with various publications.

Some honorable mentions are entitled:
United States Army Rangers
The Australian SAS
ROK 707th Special Mission Battalion
Special Boat Service
Duvdevan Unit
French Foreign Legion

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