Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Solar Hydrogen Production


Conjecture  -  Solar Hydrogen Production from Dark Matter

It took awhile, but a direct consequence of my clear understanding of Dark Matter leads directly to a fresh understanding of the role of hydrogen in the sun.  For years i had naturally presumed as per universal assumptions that hydrogen was formed elsewhere and then reassembled into the star

 Then came the clear recognition that Dark Matter provided 30%+ of the mass of the Galaxy, or any Galaxy.  Following that came my understanding of the likely nature of Dark Matter, including its gravitational signature through thought experiments derived from the rigorous foundation of my Cloud Cosmology.  This led to experiments that allowed us to actually see Dark Matter emit in the ultraviolet.  Additional observations showed massive assemblages rising in a deep mine shaft also emitting in the ultraviolet.  We can actually see this stuff and we will ultimately do much better.

Almost a side issue, it also became clear that the Spirit is a 'light-body' that operates our physical bodies at even the cellular level and represents information density many orders of magnitude greater than possible for our physical bodies.  This light-body is physical and the Soul is the perfect pattern that this light-body works off and is a natural result of the internal mathematica.  Gratifyingly, the light-body is a natural logic machine which the physical body is not.  Who Thought?

The key point is that the Galaxy begins as a large body of Dark Matter that is sort of well packed and producing a lot of gravity uniformly across the structure.  This Dark matter in large globs can and will then decay into Neutron Neutron pairs.  These will then concentrate to begin the process of Star formation.  However it is in the Star that the real production gets underway.  The packing becomes tighter although generally non compressible after close packing is achieved.  It is then that we get steady neutron neutron pair production which carries of some of the gravitational attraction and relieves the packing effect.  At the same time the decay throws of a huge amount of photonic energy scaled around that of the known scale of Hydrogen.  

It is completely possible that almost all the sun's radiation is derived from this particular decay.  As well sooner or later, the neutron pair will decay into hydrogen itself as well.  This means that it is plausible that solar output is mostly from Dark Matter decay.  

Better yet, the sun cannot run out of fuel, but it can get sufficiently contaminated with higher elements to change its nature.  Also  the process is likely far slower than we ever imagined.  Even surplus gravity is been carried away to prevent excessive build up. We do not need a black hole to do this.  I suspect that as a Star matures, its reaches a point that it needs to shed its impurities and then may even lose enough of the gravitational field to literally blow apart.  We have to see this actually happen though.


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