Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Triangulation and the Pineal Gland

 I wish to propose a conjecture. The pineal gland is a full member of our visual sensory equipment that is placed deep inside the brain allowing much of the spectrum to be blocked to enhance sensitivity to the blue end of the spectrum. 

One immediate result is that it provides the brain with a way to establish a standard for the blue lines for both the pineal gland and the eyes themselves.  This then allows correction to be applied to the rest of the spectrum as a form of natural triangulation. 

Another natural result is the capability to then detect blues properly which appear associated with the scalability of so called dark matter itself.  Those same lines lead to actual detection of spirit as well although that appears for most to require stimulation to properly bring about.  Recent work has led us to the use of strong magnets to trigger this effect and I think that an opportunity exists for torcs to be made for the purpose of a[applying magnetism to the pineal gland.

This closes another question.  Emmanuel Swedenborg woke up one day to see spirits.  His enterprise put him commonly in mining situations and it is also reasonable that he toyed with magnets and magnetite as well.  He would certainly have been well exposed.  Thus it need not have been a special intervention at all, but good luck for the right person.  Been a polymath we got to hear about it.  Anyone else would have clammed up.

My next step is to rig a magnet or two to see the effects.

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