Saturday, December 6, 2014

The CIA Won the Midterm Elections


This does spell out a problem.  It is that oversight itself is not transparent.  What i mean here is that the content very much needs to be secret and that means oversight by a body able address ethical options and make hard choices.  After all if perfect intelligence existed, in 1920, any of us would have shot Hitler without a tinge of conscience .  


That is an extreme but the decissions are often that important.  We have paid with thousands of lives because Osama Bin Ladin was treated with benign neglect.  We face a serious professed threat from both Iran that may actually becoming tamer and the Islamic State.  No acting is no longer an option.

The CIA has a checkered performance, but it is still the only tool we have and it is not easily penetrated.  Solving the oversight function correctly once and for all would be welcome. 


The CIA Won the Midterm Elections

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