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Post Script . . . Please exercise every day!

Post Script . . . Please exercise every day!

This is interesting and a reminder just how much variation is built into the European genome which now also includes pre white eurpeans extant as native indians in north America and the earlier Neandethal lineageas well.  Mix and match and some varient pops out.

I wonder just how many varients with soacial medical needs exist. The explanation below is completely plausible and completely alien to any other doctor.

I grew up with a herd dog, and yes we walked at least twenty minutes if not an hour every day.  Who knows what all this really means but it doe sopen a line of medical inquiry or at least profitiable speculation

Post Script . . . Please exercise every day!

Posted by Richard Thornton |

 Apr 18, 2018

It is very clear that Southeastern Native Americans, who exercise daily, plus avoid white wheat products and processed foods, will live longer, healthier lives. Make it a first priority to walk, hoe your garden, skate, bike, canoe or cross country ski every day of the year. 

What these studies are showing is that Native Americans, who don’t exercise regularly, die young. Extreme exercise is NOT good for your body. College and professional athletes, especially football and basketball players seem to die younger than expected . . . especially if they didn’t get into a regimen of daily moderate exercise for the rest of their lives. 

If you feel that you have family responsibilities that take precedence over your own health, you are being short-sited. In what seems like a twinkling of an eye, the birds will fly their nest and you will have the rest of your life to pay for lack of exercise. Take the kids along. The walk can easily become family quality time . . . at least that is how my three dogs feel about it. LOL 

I am deeply indebted to an ex-wife for poisoning me. I had several hundred holes in my colon after drinking some special tea she gave me. My Irish family doctor gave me a dose of “stop leak” then injected a huge syringe of antibiotic directly into my abdominal cavity to temporarily stop the Peritonitis then told me to go check into the hospital. Knowing that there were several nurses at the local hospital in Virginia, who were either satanists or black witches, I drove over 600 miles southward to Atlanta, gritting a piece of leather all the way. 

First, they had to get my liver and pancreas working again. My Mestezo Mexican internist instantly recognized that I was mixed blood Native American like him and so put me on a lean meat and fruit diet. That regimen also healed up the smaller holes. Then he sent me to a surgeon, who he trusted. My good fortune was to be assigned the surgeon for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team.

 After the necessary x-rays, blood tests and Cat Scan, he sat down with me. He said that I was built like a Neanderthal and SHOULD NOT jog very much. Running would ruin my knee joints because of my heavy bones. He told me that I should walk at least 20 minutes every day for the rest of my life. He asked me if a I had a outdoorsy dog. I told him that I had worked closely with herd dogs until the marital separation. He told me to get another herd dog. The dog would make me walk every day. That is exactly what happened. 

The surgeon had to sew 110 stitches in my colon and implant a nylon mesh to hold my organs in place, while they healed. Yet, because I followed his directions to buy me a Scottish Farm Collie pup, named McIntosh, and walked with him daily, I had no long term symptoms from a trauma to my body, which theoretically should have killed me. Well, I don’t take tea from women with strange looks on their faces now . . . but you can understand that eccentricity. LOL 

And now you know why I have so much energy to smother you with incessant nerdy articles and now, videos!

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