Tuesday, February 9, 2016

GOD's Mercy

I am sharing with you a remarkable story that needs to be told.  The source is a friend who was guided to me in order that i could interview him extensively.  He was originally met out providing care and sustenance to those in trouble as best he could where the need was greatest.  Conversations led to an introduction and that led to a number of pleasant conversations over several months that ultimately formed up to provide an interview.  The story is truly extraordinary not so much the miracle of his survival  as for the direct confirmation of the reality of divine mercy. 

Our friend is now in his sixties.  However his life matters.  As a young man he participated in Vietnam as a front-line combatant.  This ended when he chose to shoot the toes off his superior.  It got uglier.  Military prison led to him then taking a job to join the mercenary crew that eliminated a South African insurgency.  This included him doing essentially awful things that need not be described.

Coming out of it, he suffered from severe PTSD  which he learned to moderate through cannabis. This allowed him to become a long haul trucker and make his living through as recently as around five years ago. In short he made a life and had a family and all that.  However he was also a heavy drinker and a bar scrapper as well.  He lived his life hard.

Then he had his first heart attack followed by a rapidly deteriorating condition.  What followed was 27 stents and then when these did not really do the job, he got pig valves.  He really should not be with us today but he is.  More amazing he has a story to tell of the several hours that he was been operated on and on life support.

He had what can be described as the most complete near death experience described to date.

He went through the usual experience in passing over.  This led to meeting deceased acquaintances and actually joining them in  playing musical instruments including a couple he was unfamiliar with.  This clearly explains the tradition of spirits playing lyres.  It really does happen this way in the social life of the world of spirit.  When he came back he retained a capacity to play those same instruments building on some prior knowledge as well.

Then at some point he sat down with 'the big guy' and did a life review as is usual.  He was asked what he would work on if he went back and he chose anger management.  Then he was sent back with a full memory of all this.  He has since led an exemplary life and that includes playing Santa every Christmas and as mentioned he reaches out to those in trouble.

What comes out of all this is that he has clearly been forgiven for actions that are seriously awful and really as bad as one can be without directly inducing others to follow.  He certainly came away with a clear understanding of good and evil and he certainly rejected evil having fully experienced it.

Yet the 'Big Man' forgave all this and sent him back to be a witness to just this.

I think that anyone who finds himself on the path needs to know this in order to be comforted regarding all their own sins...


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