Thursday, February 11, 2016

A New Reformation of Religion.

Religion arose to partially satisfy mankind's natural longing for spiritual advancement.  Unfortunately almost no one thought that spirituality had any material reality at all.  What they had were essentially channeled insights that were naturally suspect not least regarding the apparent stature of the channeler.

We have now understood that the spirit world itself is as physically real as our own physical reality and even more important, that the information content of your spirit body is several orders of magnitude greater than that of your physical body.  Even better we continuously communicate through our consciousness and it surely stores all our memories.  That we operate a physical cognition system is also apparent and is a natural source of both inspiration and error but is able to also work with spiritual inputs.  My own efforts suggest that it is more than that and more subtle as well but this is a good start in our understanding.

What this implies is that all retained scriptures and comparable material needs to be carefully reviewed in terms of this understanding and also understanding that error can easily have crept in.  Also channeled material may be sourced from a spirit with a lesser understanding than expected and must be treated critically as a result however tempting it is to merely accept.

Most important is that this material be read freshly in light of this new understanding.  Often new meaning leaps out that is far more congruent to our mutual intent.

What this does for religion everywhere is provide it with a fresh mandate to promote best teachings and to develop individual access to spiritual guidance while providing the necessary rational training in order to avoid spiritual entities capable of mischief. We know that one person in twelve will already be on a spiritual path and this needs to now be honored and recognized.

Teachers actually have a great deal to learn and protocols to master before this is working properly, so this is merely a beginning.   We barely understand best practice even if you are teaching it all now.

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