Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Giant Bird Witnessed in Florida

This is an extraordinarily excellent sighting.  What is critical is the white belly.  It is not an Andean Condor or any type of vulture.  Better yet, the witness was in a position to try and measure the wing span.  I think that his estimate of 35 feet will be about right.

We have a black bird with a white belly and it glides easily.  With a 35 foot wind span it is clearly a thunder bird.  The size strongly suggests that it can carry of a deer.

As posted earlier, its life way allows it to hide in the skirts of large trees.  Once in the sky, the size is naturally misread and it is not recognized..

Giant Bird Witnessed in Florida

May, 2015 - Whitehouse, Jacksonville, Florida


Greg in Jacksonville, Florida to tell of his thunderbird sighting:

“It was in May. It was a Sunday evening. I work the third shift out here in a lumber mill. Just outside Jacksonville there's a place called Whitehouse. Well, I got a bunch of little stray kitty cats that I take care of back there and this one night I was going back there to check on them and as I round the corner, this giant bird launches itself off a pack of 8 footers. That lumber's probably sitting about 15 feet in the air. It spread it's wings... it was even out to... it was going down the lumber mill, it's about 40 feet across from one shed to the other shed and if he was spreading his wings and flapping coming up out of there those wings almost stretched from one end to the other, I would say that those wings were probably 35 feet long. This bird was black, it had a white belly and on its tail feathers I could see as it was flying away from me and it was about 10 to 12 just giant feathers made up its tail feathers. It was phenomenal.”

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