Friday, October 30, 2015

Viking Penetration of Minnesota

 This is a short letter that captures present effort regarding this event. The meaningful take home is that an assembalge of hard evidence is growing and needs serious institutional support.  

The viking incursion appears to be a movement of peoples from Greenland that likely totaled as many as ten thousand and took several years at least.  It is quite possible that the popul;ation outgrew the carrying capacity of Greenland itself while extensive viking exploration left no doubt of far superior country down through Hudson Bay and into the Great Plains.

In the process they surely absorbed any small local triblets as well to produce a robust population actively intermarrying.  That original population had also absorbed European genetics during the European Bronze Age as well along Lake Superior... 


Thursday, October 8, 2015
Steve Hilgrin

October 5, 2015 

7:36:32 AM PDT

William, Freda, Kathy, Annie, Erik and All,

William has worked very long and hard at his research and we have tried to share our research and discoveries with the world by way of our internet.

We have made many steps forward and have also suffered a few setbacks and in recent years have seen internet trolls and what we somethings call 'snakes', attack us with their war-of-words as they try gain fame or profit from from this. As they try to sell their books on templars and such.

As Myron Paine and Erik Hinrich and myself have tried to also show is that our previously trusted history is seriously flawed. Those, who were writing this history have omitted the Vikings and others.

It took Helge Ingstad and Anne Stein many years to get to L'anse aux meadows. When their research was made public they too were attacked and even accused of ''salting'' the site ETC.

But they won that battle and we now know the Vikings had indeed been in North America a thousand years ago and long before that other guy.

As William and I began to dig deeper into this, the evidence of Viking presence began flooding in. My discoveries of Vikings exploring and coming into Minnesota from Hudson Bay a thousand years ago only confirmed what Hjalmar Holand, Margret Leuthner, and Marion Dahm had tried to tell the world. The Norse people were here. The ancient Vikings artifacts, their trail of mooring stones and earth lodges/longhouses are here. The KRS (Kensington Runestone) that was carved and left here in western Minnesota in 1362 also supports this established fact.

The Ingstads made the first step. Pat Sutherland made the next great leap with her discovery on the tip of Baffin Island. But both these discoverys were only outposts for the vikings as they were exploring the east coast (Vinland -of-the east) and westward into Hudson Bay (aka Vinland -of-the west).

I have seen many armchair researchers and treasure hunters and such come and quickly go too as they thought they would quickly or easily go out and find or discover artifacts etc. But most also quickly learned that this business takes time, perseverance, and a great deal of leg work too (something that seems lacking among many of this younger generation, who expect immediate glorification or discoveries).

For every step forward there was also those snakes and stone throwers who would attack our work. a spin their tales attempting to sell their books and make money at this. William and I, our closer friends, and other researchers do not look to sell books, seek fame, notoriety, make movies, or try to profit from this. That money or wanting of fame, clouds their judgement and intent of purpose and ruins credibility.

William, Myron and I have weathered many storms(so-to-speak). We can see now that the discoveries we have made have proven the Vikings were here in North America.

The 'tide' is now turning and that next new big discovery (like Ingstads or Sutherlands) may open the flood gates. Then there will be many who will quickly want to jump on the 'band wagon'. 

My Uncle Clarence would tell me this is OUR 'ball to carry.' WE, with all our new technology, insight, and determination etc will solve this. I hope you will help by being supportive.

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