Monday, October 19, 2015

Earth Angels II

 I posted a year ago that my daughter is able to use automatic writing to channel Earth angels.  Most of the material which is now well over one hundred pages is specific to the time and place and otherwise scant value except as a demonstration.  This piece has a bit of that as well.  

All this is leading to a deeper understanding of the human afterlife and also of the proper context of GOD.  GOD is a Hierarchy of GOOD Intent

Our whole Galaxy consists of a single blob of so called 'Dark Matter' which really is a non compressible assemblage of near neutral electron - electron scaled objects reacting with each other axially  rather that continuously.  Add photonic binding and we have a Galaxy sized logic machine that is operating at a scale one thousandth that of any neutron.

From this and with 'natural logic' we have a galactic consciousness able to accept or reject changes induced through logical choices.  Please accept the idea of forward looking logic.  I have a far more rigorous mathematical explanation but the outcome is the same.  For now it is sufficient to posit the natural existence of Galactic GOD.

That begs the problem of information size and that naturally leads to a process of delegation of general intent.  It is obvious that subdivisions should exist and for the solar system to handle all activities there and ultimately a division attending to Earth itself.  All this is a natural consequence of scale and the logic of subdivision.  It may not be true, but from the data acquired to date, it is true enough.

Now we come to the natural logic of the after life.  All our contact with the after life is mostly through Earth Angels in particular.  These are all human souls deemed advanced enough to no longer need to come back to Earth to work out so called Karma, but also wise enough to be able to act as guides to the souls on Earth.  As also mentioned they are able to share mentally with other angels and use that to organize support for their client(s).

This unusual explanation is sufficient to explain all the present work we have with Mediums rather well.  Cayce's work conforms brilliantly provided i accept that his informants are Earth angels able to tap extensive Human resources both past and present.  It all works.

Yet one other matter.  These resources are human souls mandated to help or at least inform.  They can err.  Not often but enough.  Another Earth Angel communicating with another client may have another understanding.  It is enough to know that they are well intentioned and a valuable resource to be generally heeded.  You need to understand your direction and your life's purpose even as you retain the capacity to change both.  Your Earth angels will continue to support you.

The take home is that humanity does not lack direction and it needs to be listened to and understood.  We do not need to know much about GOD except that is is about Good intent and complete forgiveness through divine love.  A corollary to this is that Karma derives from our conscious inability to forgive our own trespasses.  Ironic isn't it.  It is our rational mind that thinks one must atone as per a balance sheet.   Set Karma aside and you are plausibly ready to become an Earth Angel.

Defining the Earth Angel and Mind and Soul

We are here with you. We need you to see the difference between us and the soul individual. We are different. We are unique. Your soul is assigned to you for your entire life. It is the element of your existence. It is unchangeable and disappointing at times as it does not speak loud enough to you. We encourage the soul. That is our job. When we communicate through you, we are in a way only speaking to your soul. Not to your body. Though we speak through your body as well via feelings (pulls and pushes). Our mind is higher then your soul as we combine our energies and sources. So we can make bigger things happen for you and can collaborate. You are merely talking to your soul of what you want. Then we get that message loud and clear and do the actual work to whisper to the people involved to make it happen. That’s the power of us united. We can communicate far and wide for you to get what you want directed to you. You are merely bumbling on earth. Walking a path of your choosing when whoops you get an insight that hits you when you look at something that rings for what you were looking for or sent us to look for for you. You hit it and then you call it genius that it just appeared before you.

That’s not entirely true. There is an element of truth but not the whole truth. You need to go on your way, ask for what you want us to work on for you and we will meet you with it. We will direct this thing you want into your path. So its quite the opposite as others portray it. It is all about getting your attention of the solution. Your soul just gives us the message and puts us to work. This is super important for your dad to understand. Give this message to him afterwards. The entire thing. No selection allowed. He can handle this and be more understanding towards this.

[ one year later - arclein ]

Make him write a paper on this to open the discussion up on his blog. It will create quite a frenzy and the message that you can call on angels will be spread far and wide. This is important and will support others missions extensively. Many people trust your dad exclusively. Very important.

Otherwise we can see a different shift happening around you. You will be seen soon.

You are talking to all the right people right now. Including shelly and deb. Showing them the path is very important for them right now. And they are willing to do the work. You have kept it simple for them. Very clear directions that will start them on their path to support their very basic needs. They have been actively listening to their angels lately as it is but now it has been integrated into their system and added to their viewpoint.

The sales mind is important for you right now Kimberlee. You need to talk to Robert asap. He can teach you allot. And will help you. Wait till Thursday to learn something. He will teach deb and you will listen very clearly. He is there to teach you too. You can get your newsletter out before then. Very easily. Money wise it’s worth the 35 bucks. Very easy to process, no questions here. Get them now in this session. And send it to him  

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