Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Transhumanism is not Transendance


Transhumanism is not Transendance

The new world order has been out there peddling something out of science fiction that they call transhumanism. It all sounds like a modern version of the iron chains of slavery.

At best we may be able to establish internal comms that the consious self can use.  that would be useful and perhaps surpass cell phones.  Recall we do talk to ourselves in our language using word sounds.  turning that into directed output would be handy.  not so handy if subconsious chatter is interfering.

None of this is too impressive.  Yet it does look like a backdoor to imposing slavery.  Yet i do think it is mostly junk science so far.

Transcendance is something quite different and the obvious objective of the practise of meditation.  The purpose is to manage access to the INNER SUN which can be used to flood and power up our spirit body.  A fully powered spirit body can then stimulate our cellular body to be expressed in its fully intended form.

This is also physicaly real in terms of my Cloud Cosmology and the SPACE TIME pendulum.

This is essentially your 32 year old self in super fit form.  You. are still living on earth and are not going to the other side. Look at the miracles of Yesua or Jesus to understand what is possible. It is obviously difficult to achieve but then turning it all on could be itself a simple physical intervention.  Having already seen the INNER SUN, once i do control access, it should be possible to turn on other folks.  It is obvious that Yesua did as much for his disciples

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