Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Recalling the Future and TIME

 Understand that time as we know it looks continous when it is actually experienced a page at a time.  Those pages are super thin and it may well be that we actually recall those pages by jumping along a few pages at a time.  Why would we not?

It is also reported that a need to jump forward or backward in time is actually accomadated when it does not cause problems.  Such as completing a four hour road trip often done in side two hours.  This was actually treported to me by an informant who got to understand that I am thinking about TIME.  This alone tells me that this is not uncommon.

It is just that we are not running around noticing this, or if noticed, we are not talking about it.  A little like UFOs and Bigfoot.  

My take home is that our mind can and will recall a future page when it suits us and that often closes the loop on new knowledge.  This makes remembering the past a good way to locked into some past truth and clearly explains the natural rejection of new knowledge when presented.  That is likely why wee teach new knowldege to thirty or so students at a time.  It allows the bias to be overcome.

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