Saturday, March 4, 2023

Innermost Core of the Earth Confirmed

At least we do have a defined core or potentially even an inner sun which here has been assumed to be metalic in nature.  Change that assumption all sorts of things happen.  That metal ball is likely nonsense.

The Cloud Cosmology model suggests something quite different but critically bounded.  We can get that right.

The Newtonian solution is likely rubbish anyway and presuming metal separation flows from all that.  Then just what does gravity mean if we are living on a shell.  It certainly makes all those other planetoary g levels conform bettyer.

Innermost Core of the Earth Confirmed

February 27, 2023 by Brian Wang

Researchers have observed a newly discovered innermost core of the earth. Seismic station see up-to-fivefold reverberating waves from selected earthquakes along the Earth’s diameter. Differential travel times of these exotic arrival pairs complement and improve currently available information. There is ~650-km thick innermost ball.

Dr. Tkalcic and Thanh-Son Pham, a postdoctoral researcher, estimate that the innermost inner core is about 800 miles wide; the entire inner core is about 1,500 miles wide. The innermost inner core is a solid ‘metallic ball’ that sits within the centre of the inner core.

Two Harvard seismologists, Miaki Ishii and Adam Dziewonski, first proposed the idea of the innermost inner core in 2002 based on peculiarities in the speed of seismic waves passing through the inner core.

 The data available then were too sparse to convince everyone.

Professor Hrvoje Tkalčić, also from ANU, said studying the deep interior of Earth’s inner core can tell us more about our planet’s past and evolution. “This inner core is like a time capsule of Earth’s evolutionary history – it’s a fossilised record that serves as a gateway into the events of our planet’s past. Events that happened on Earth hundreds of millions to billions of years ago,” he said.

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In the Revelation in the Bible, it talks about a bottomless pit that the Dragon (Satan or the Devil) was thrown into. If there was a hollow room at the center of the earth, there wouldn't be any gravity there, because the mass of the earth would pull evenly in every direction. Maybe Satan is down there, and that's why we have volcanoes. Maybe Edgar Rice Burroughs was right about Tarzan going to visit Pellucidar inside the earth.